A Valentine’s Day Filled with Guilty Pleasures!

A Valentines Day Filled with Guilty Pleasures!

Love can be celebrated year-round, but let’s face it…  spending a romantic Valentine’s Day receiving all sorts of thoughtful tokens of appreciation, and better yet, adoration would put a satisfactory smile across any woman’s lips.

With this special day, now right around the corner, we are discussing everything about this wonderful, romantic day.

What’s Your Idea of the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date?

Heather Kiss-Geier, Owner of BigO2Go.com, shares with us her idea of a purrrfect day using these romantic date ideas.

A Valentines Day Filled with Guilty Pleasures!

A Decadent Box of Chocolates

The perfect date starts with a sweet surprise on the counter in the morning. From a cup of my favorite Jo to a decadent box of chocolates, it’s a simple expression of love through guilty pleasure.

Create Suspense with an Email

Receiving special email midday to tell me where we will enjoy a romantic dinner and what time to be there sends butterflies through my stomach and adds excitement and anticipation to the day.

Finish the Perfect Day Right!

Finish off the evening by sending an erotic message with a classy packaged box containing a new intimate item that is waiting for me at home, a hotel, or wherever we may end the night is PERFECTION.

Be daring by adding a little excitement to your plans and include some spontaneity in your idea of romance. There are often grab bags available for purchase at your local Lover’s Lane or other adult novelty store. It is fun to open them together, either laughing at or trying out everything inside.

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