On February 14th, people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day and red is without a doubt the romantic color of the day. It’s also a day for gifts and enjoying those you hold most dear.

Below are three ideas for your special loved ones. These inspirations might just be what you need warm up your home with Valentine’s Day design and treats.

3 Romantic Touches for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Fragrances

Romantic scented red candles and roses for valentine decor

This is a sweet example of a romantic surprise for your special one. Bring home a bouquet of roses and add three scented candles. Then, drape a string of pearls around them for an ultra-surprise for your valentine.

Romantic Rose Petals

Romantic rose petals in a heart-shaped motif on the bed

It doesn’t get more romantic than rose petals in a heart shape on the bed. Also include valentine decor in the plants in the room for an even nicer effect overall. It’s easy-peasy to do with heart balloons on a stick. It all combines for a wonderfully heartfelt message.

Enticing Treats of Romance

Cozy comfort food for a romantic treat

Don’t forget the romantic treats when preparing your valentine’s day surprises. It’s still cold during February in the northern parts of the world so a warm cup of tea is so inviting. Add treats with cupcakes and candy hearts in sweet romantic decor.

Valentine’s Day brings joy to your home with even the lightest touches of creative decor. We wish you a dreamy Valentine’s Day with the sweethearts in your life.

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