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Bring Inspiration and Laughter into Your Home

Let’s face it… Pinterest isn’t really about the DIY projects we pin or the delicious recipes we intend to cook. It’s not even about the fabulous outfit someone cleverly put together that we can emulate at our local TJ Max. No. Pinterest is about finding inspiration and an occasional good laugh.

Here are some great finds on Pinterest that can bring both inspiration and laughter into your home!

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

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What an awesome message to greet you each morning while staring into your reflection!

Dwell In Possibility

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Think about it… what if you never learned to be afraid of hearing the word no?

Share Your Life

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Isn’t it amazing how much simpler life becomes when it’s not all about you?

We Do Family

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And we do really loud. The louder, the better in fact.

There’s Family… and then there’s Relatives

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(LOL!)  I’m a firm believer in the possibility of too much of a good thing.

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