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Tile of Spain Award Winner – Blue Wave Cocktail Bar

Tile of Spain hosts its 14th edition of Tile of Spain Awards honoring work in architecture and interior design. This year’s winner in the interior design category is the Blue Wave Cocktail Bar nestled on the coast of Barcelona. The creative team for this project was composed of Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo, and Lucas Echeveste Lacy.


1_BlueWave_AdriaGoula blue wave cocktail bar Tile of Spain winner

Photography: Adrià Goula


The Blue Wave Cocktail Bar Project

The project scope was to create a space for enjoying cocktails in an elegant atmosphere at the high-end seafront setting in Port Vell Marina which looks out to the Mediterranean. The building housing the Blue Wave cocktail bar is very unique. The space is elongated with a lengthwise seafront façade filtered by a latticework that creates a clever play on light and shadows as the sun begins to set.


The Concept

At the center of this project’s concept is the idea of a wave about to break, plunging the customers into a marine setting filled with shadows and reflections. Just before they break, waves coil themselves up to create separate water scenes that sparkle and gleam in endless hues. The strength and solid appearance of the vertical wall of water dissolves into foam, and the rays of the evening sun are shattered into tiny golden sparkles on the water.


The Space, Layout, and Materials

The elongated rectangular space features a clearly-defined layout. At one end is the entrance, which leads on to the cocktail bar that runs the length of the space to the far end where it meets the terrace. The glass façade envelope opens up to connect the interior and the exterior, thereby incorporating the white latticework of the existing building into the wave.


Blue wave cocktail bar Tile of Spain winner


In order to recreate the idea of the wave, the space is veiled in a range of deep blues that become gradually lighter in tone until they are transformed into the foamy white of the existing concrete latticework, incorporating it into the bluish space as the foam of the wave. Small splashes of gold have been added, mirroring the sun’s reflection on the water.


blue wave cocktail bar Tile of Spain winner, photographed by Adria Goula


The design team chose the same material on the floor, walls and ceiling in order to unify the space and enhance the sensation of being swallowed up by a wave. A small format was required in order to produce the shading effect, as well as a reflective finish in order to create the tiny glimmers of light on the water. The ceramic tiles were chosen to fully met these requirements, while at the same time, reflecting the essence of the Mediterranean.

Both types of tiles were commissioned especially for this project and custom handcrafted. The first was a shell-shaped piece in seven different shades of blue used for the floor, walls and ceilings to portray the transformation of the water into foam. The second formed a contrasting deep blue arch on the walls and ceiling. The tiles feature gloss and matt finishes, thereby creating a clever play on light.


blue wave cocktail bar Tile of Spain winner, seating view photographed by Adria Goula



In addition to the ceramic tiles, other blue hues and reflective materials were used in smaller quantities throughout the space. In the details, these materials come together like a patchwork of elements which frame the bottle display cabinet behind the bar as one of the focal points.


blue wave cocktail bar Tile of Spain winner tile detail photos by Adria Goula


Se learn more about Tile of Spain and see the honorable mentions visit Tile of Spain Awards.

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