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Inspiring Your Basement Remodel

Looking for ways to update your look in your basement remodel?  Here are some great decorating ideas to make the most of your space!

Concrete and Modern

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Adding an additional texture to the existing concrete walls of your basement is an inexpensive way to bring an industrial and modern look to your space without doing a full basement remodel.  It’s a great way to transform your basement into additional living space.


Lush Decorating

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Just because it’s your basement, doesn’t mean it has to feel like one.  This basement remodel boasts all the comforts and luxuries of any family room.  If your chimney does not extend to your basement, there are some incredible electric options that look and feel like a real fireplace.


Partially Finished

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This partially finished basement boasts a well-thought-out floor plan that maximizes the available space.  Painting an unfinished ceiling is a great way to add a “finished feel” while maintaining the open feeling above head.  Using sliding panels and curtains is a great way to add privacy when needed, or open things up for a larger feel.


Basement Entertaining

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Basement rec rooms are a great way to entertain!  Often times the open space of your basement is a perfect setting to design a rec room.  The flow of the open space in this basement remodel is great for a larger numbers of people.



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