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Mixed Metal - ILVE Appliances is right on trend with mixed metals.

A great design is all about the right balance and with the latest kitchen trend, mixing metals, it’s never been more true. During my 2016 reign as one of the K+B Insiders, trend spotting for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, I got to witness the beginning of this mixed metals trend. The popularity of layering metal finishes in a kitchen design has continued to grow throughout 2017 and is being seen in appliances, decorative plumbing, and decorative lighting designs. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative products for kitchen design and how they are successfully executing the mixed metals trend.

Mixed Metals, Which Companies Are Doing it Well?

Mixed Metals in Appliances

ILVE Appliances is known for giving consumers the opportunity to personalize their cooking appliances by offering 9 SMART cooking options for their ranges and cooktops, multiple size options, 8 standard colors, and over 200 RAL colors. Now they are leading the pack on the mixed metals trend by allowing consumers to mix and match between 3 trim options, brass, chrome, copper, and oil rubbed bronze.

Mixed Metal - ILVE Appliances is right on trend with mixed metals.
Photographer – MaryEllen Hendricks, Designer – Christine Donner

The mixed metals trend is a way to add texture to a kitchen design taking it from monochromatic to a design of depth. As a designer, I like companies that give me the tools to make each and every project unique and ILVE Appliances does that. Check out their 9 Ways to Cook video to see just how exceptional they are:

Mixed Metals in Faucets

Decorative plumbing fixtures are another statement piece in a kitchen design and by choosing ones with mixed metals one can add a lot of depth to kitchen design. BRIZO, known as the fashion-forward faucet company is all about design aesthetics. They were showcasing their kitchen and bathroom fixtures in the mixed metals at the Orlando Kitchen and Bathroom Industry show this year.

Mixed Metals in Decorative Lighting

Another trend that is hot is large decorative light fixtures over kitchen islands. One of my go-to’s is Urban Electric who offers custom-designed light fixtures. They were one of the first to start the mixed metals trend what I or should I say is that they’ve always done it and are pros at it!

The three companies that I have featured are all trendsetters, not followers. Each company offers customizable quality products for the consumer and gives them the ability to have just what they want to make their design their own. The mixed metals vibe I believe is here to stay for a while because of the dimension it adds to a design. Again, it is important to find the right balance in order for it to work. I recommend working with a design professional to help you get it right.

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