A cordless drill is a powerful tool for Do-it-Yourself (DIY) enthusiasts. It’s also great for those who want quick home repair solutions. This piece of equipment drills holes or fixes screws on surfaces, however, like its name, it is cordless.

It’s essential to know the best features of a cordless drill to gain excellent value from the tool. To start, here are four features to select when you go shopping for your next cordless drill.

Things to Know About Your Next Cordless Drill Purchase

Things to Know About Your Next Cordless Drill Purchase

Long Battery Life

One of the main advantages of using cordless drills is their portability. You don’t need to connect these devices in wall outlets to make use of their functions.

However, you don’t want the tool to run out of battery while you’re doing a project. Opt to buy a cordless unit that helps you finish a complete DIY project before the battery needs recharging.

Consider buying cordless drills with lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for its charging capabilities. Li-ion cells withstand more charging cycles than nickel-cadmium (NiCd) power packs. Also, Li-ion packs tend to be lighter than NiCd batteries to help lessen the weight of the unit.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should rule out buying NiCd batteries. These power packs are heavier than their Li-ion counterparts, but NiCd packs provide longer battery lives than other cordless power options.

Think about your needs before deciding which battery pack your next cordless drill should possess. If you want a good place to start, check out https://cordlessdrillguide.com/ for more information on the different cordless drill models and their batteries.

② Comfortable Grip and Weight

Some DIY projects may need you to use drills frequently. So, it would help if you bought a model that would be comfortable in your hand.

A comfortable grip helps you handle the device properly. Otherwise, you might be complaining about your hand getting tired after using it a few times.

Test the device’s grip by holding it in your hand when you visit a hardware or home improvement store. Wield the drill above your head; if the tool makes your arms tired after a few seconds, then it’s too heavy.

But, if you’re shopping online, check the product’s description and look for its weight profile. Also, check online forums and social media groups for user feedback. Then, ask people about their experiences using a particular cordless drill, and check if they’ve had comfort and weight issues with it.

③ Brushless Technology

You might consider buying a cordless drill for projects that consist of more than occasional DIY home repairs. So, it’s essential to obtain a power tool that handles multiple drilling or screwing tasks in a day.

So, look for cordless drills using brushless technologies. Drills with brushless motors allow the tools to adjust according to the task automatically. So, if the user uses the drill on a sturdy surface, the motor offers an adequate amount of power to complete the job. Likewise, if you’re using the tool to fix screws in thin surfaces, the motor won’t draw as much energy from the battery for the light job.

Hence, brushless motors offer more energy-efficiency than their brushed counterparts. Also, drills with these brushless technologies have gears and parts that don’t grind against each other. Less grinding means less friction among components, and this instance helps lessen the potential risks of hardware failure because of unnecessary gear grinding.

However, there is one caveat to buying cordless drills with brushless motors, and that is the price. Brushless drills might be more expensive than brushed models. Still, if you want a powerful tool that offers you excellent longevity, then spending the extra cash for these drills is worth your while.

④ Multiple Attachments

Select multiple attachments for your next cordless drill

Many cordless drills now offer users with more usability than before. New models let you drill holes and fix screws or fasteners to surfaces.

Aim to buy cordless drills that already come with different drill attachments. Use these accessories when creating things like a DIY dog bed. Purchasing the power tool as a kit gives you more value than purchasing the drill as a standalone unit.

Consider buying drills with attachments like:

  • Rotary rasps – Used for grinding excess wood.
  • Self-centered hinge bits – Drill holes accurately.
  • Drywall bits – Drive screws in drywall.
  • Hex bits – Latch screws in objects.

Take note of these features the next time you go shopping for a new cordless drill. Other features to consider include variable drilling speeds, high power output, and smart charging.

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