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Most people associate paint schemes with walls, but a way to set you apart from a standard room would be to decorate your ceiling with paint.  Use colors that are vibrant and bold, patterns and wild themes, or go classic and simple.

Giving your ceiling life through paint with color, patterns, or an original design is a great way to keep your room unique, bold, and your own.

Be Fanciful In Your Ceiling Design

Making your room unique and special can be a lot of fun and a great way to express your own personal taste or likes.   Giving your room a personal touch makes it yours.

This picture featured below really encompasses the inspiration of making a themed unique room.  The feeling of space and the galaxy above sets a great mood, but also is a beautiful play and mixture of colors, making the room have a really diverse option of decorating.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

When you first view this ceiling one wouldn’t necessarily expect it to be in a laundry room of all places.  It’s bright, exciting, and fun, but you really could put it anywhere.  This is a great example of the versatility of design.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

Pick A Pattern For Your Ceiling

When choosing a pattern for your ceiling it’s not a simple matter.  Patterns can be difficult to choose when decorating a room, and they really set the tone for mood and the colors of everything you pick thereafter.  Below are some featured examples of different ways to put that pattern on your ceiling and make it work.

The pattern for the ceiling below could be great for a play room, a kids bedroom, or even an office or guest room.  It’s fun, bright, and gives you tons of options for a color palate to work with.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

This green and white gingham pattern truly gives the feeling of a classic room, the white walls compliment it nicely and let the modern styled kitchen shine.   The few green plate accents really bring the colors out.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

You look and see stripes and might immediately develop a connotation with something young, silly, or a circus themed room, but instead we have a classy chandelier and a very delicate girls bedroom.  Stripes aren’t limited to one theme, you can do anything with it.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

Elegance In Simplicity

Patterns or eccentricity in design can be appreciated or even revered, but there is something to be said for the elegance of simplicity.  One color scheme, that is bold enough on it’s own can capture an entire mood of a room a make a strong statement.

The contrast of colors from ceiling to floor and the simple elegance in design in the room gives this a real minimalist approach.  The molding gives it an extra glam of taste and class, and the plain color makes the room feel open.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

This mustard yellow ceiling is all one color with white walls contrasting it, but the just the accent of the shrug on the bed is enough to make the color pop,  but not overwhelm the room.  It feels bright and open with a solid color that might otherwise feel heavy.   A great design inspiration.


(Dig This Ceiling Design On Pinterest)

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  1. I love the Nebula idea for a kid’s bedroom and the pops of colour with patterns on small out of the way rooms and elegant/classy shades for a more regal effect. Will definitely try this out in my home! Thanks for sharing.

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