Much like art, the way we decorate our homes is subjective. One person’s treasure trove of antique delights is another person’s chintz-covered nightmare. But, while many design rules are meant to be broken, some guidelines always hold true for those of you who want to create a comfortable and stylish living space. By avoiding these common interior design mistakes, you’ll also improve the feel and flow of your home as well as the look. Here are five common interior design mistakes you might want to avoid.

How to Avoid These 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

How to Avoid These 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

① Out of Scale

One of the most common interior design mistakes, especially after a recent move, is furniture that’s out of scale. Whether it’s a bed that dwarfs a tiny guest bedroom or a table that’s far too small for your new dining room, the results look all wrong.

Those items might have looked great in your last home but maybe it’s time to get that furniture removal company back to take away anything that doesn’t work.

② Over-Matching

Among the top decorating mistakes to avoid, over-matching has to be a front-runner. Sets of matching couches and chairs signal poor living room design, making your space look unoriginal and more like a showroom than a home.

Individual pieces should stand on their own while working in harmony with items in complementary colors, shapes, designs, and textures. This helps create depth and a sense of personality.

③ The Mix Up

It might seem contradictory to the previous entry on this list of interior design mistakes, but you can go too far when attempting to mix different pieces of furniture.

To ensure your pieces complement rather than clash, there has to be a similar element running through your combinations. This could be a similar design feature, color, texture, or style influence.

④ Cluttered Corners

If you’re a hoarder then choosing what items to display and what to store can be one of the most difficult interior design challenges. But stuffing a room with furniture and accessories is sure to result in horrible interior design.

Rooms should have enough space to move freely and you should avoid stacking items on every surface. Use drawers, boxes, and baskets to create decorative storage solutions for your knick-knacks, and consider removing a least one item of furniture from a cramped room.

⑤ A Lack of Lighting Options

Another of the biggest interior design challenges is getting the lighting right. A well-lit room might be necessary at times but if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, the last thing you need is a glaring bulb. This is where dimmers can be a huge help.

Lamps and other forms of focal lighting can work well in multi-purpose rooms but you’ll need to consider size. As well as being ineffective, lamps that are too small can make the room look unbalanced.

Bad interior design doesn’t always mean bad taste. Often, it’s the result of choosing furniture and decor that doesn’t work in a particular room. It pays to consider each room as a whole rather than a collection of individual items. This way, you’ll find it much easier to combine different elements and show off your true style.

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