Hardwood flooring was once the norm, however, now it’s fast becoming a luxury as engineered flooring rises in popularity. Enter timber flooring as a lower-cost alternative. But do you choose engineered or timber flooring? As homeowners, we all want what is best for our families. This includes the home that we live in.

However, some of us may not have a choice in the matter, since the house may be older than we are. Perhaps, it is part of an inheritance or it was given to us. Others are lucky enough to buy their own, and it’s an advantage for them. Here’s an article on why it is great to own your own home. Nevertheless, we all agree on the same thing: the interior flooring must be great.

Depending on the home, the flooring materials might differ accordingly. For those who love living in a more rustic environment, the earth itself might be a part of their home. Others like simple materials like flat cement floors which are also popular. Moreover, they might also be decorated with tiles and other colorful stones. However, nothing beats a classic wooden floor.

But, these are tough decisions, even for homeowners with the most experience. To help you make a good decision for your home and family, here are criteria to consider.

Criteria to Decide if Timber Flooring is Right for Your Home

Criteria to Decide if Timber Flooring is Right for Your Home

⎆ Price

This is by far the most important option for most Australian families. Most floor installation jobs take up to $100 per square meter. You might find something more affordable, but this will be dependent on other factors from this list.

Take note though that price may not reflect quality or service. This also depends on the installer. So, be sure to hire someone who has all the credentials and experience for both flooring and general construction jobs.

⎆ Quality or Strength

Another factor that you can take a look into is the quality or strength of the wood. This will determine its durability. Most timber flooring lasts more than a lifetime. You may have noticed in some older houses that they hardly update their floor even if it has been forever. There might be some cracks here and there, or creaks happen, but simple homemade fixes can remedy them.

⎆ Local Species

This is one of the factors that affect the price. There are many species of timber providers here in Australia. Some, like the Australian beech and blackbutt, are highly popular as great materials for your flooring needs.

Each material differs from durability and permeability to water, so you need to ask your contractor for that information. Otherwise, research other options online to find what is available in your area.

Some species are imported, which drives up their prices. Sites like TimberFlooringMelbourne help you with this one. Checking with them will help you make better-informed choices.

⎆ Coating

Coating the timber floor must be decided before the construction starts. This is rather important as some factors affect your decision. For example, are you trying to repair one part of your entire floor? This means that you need to match the materials so that everything looks uniform.

However, if you use different species, this causes a problem. However, the coating helps match their colors in addition to protecting the quality of it for a long time.

⎆ Solid vs. Engineered

Now, this is a topic that has been debated for a long time in the construction world. Some people argue that solid wood is much better because of its durability. This is the type that is was installed in older houses and commercial buildings.

However, it is harder to maintain since it is susceptible to moisture. In fact, moisture is the number one enemy of wood aside from termites. On the other hand, engineered ones are more affordable. They also handle the moisture better and are not easily affected by changing temperatures.

As a result, it’s difficult to presume that one is better than the other because of the changes in this field. There was a time that solid wood was the best one, but engineering has made better flooring over time.

Both types have merits, and they also have their downfalls. It is up to your situation which one works best. This is also one of the reasons why you need a professional to install it as they know what would be best for your home. Learn more about engineered flooring here: https://www.thespruce.com/engineered-hardwood-vs-solid-flooring-1821677

Lastly, many people are concerned with farming trees for lumber as this affects the ecosystem of the entire world. Although certain forests were grown for this purpose, some companies are also finding ways to lessen the tree cutting.

If you want an environmentally-friendly option, try salvaged timber flooring. These are from fallen trees, which is so much better to use since you will not be cutting anymore.

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