Interior Decorating Ideas on a budget: Nature is a natural relaxant and why wouldn’t we want to apply it to our interior decorating? We love the way the water sounds, the texture of wood and the beauty of plants and flowers. Here are some brilliantly simple ways and ideas to bring the outdoors in and make your home even more wonderful:

7 Interior Decorating Ideas that Let the Outside In

7 Interior Decorating Ideas that Let the Outside In

Use Natural Materials

An easy way to make your home interior decorating feel close to nature is by adding natural materials in your home decorating choices. Bamboo flooring, jute cushions, and woven wicker rugs are all affordable ways of doing this with style. Another nice thing about these choices is they are sustainable materials making them eco-friendly.

Make Way for Wood

There are few things more natural than, or representative of the outdoors than wood. It’s unique textures and patterns scream nature and evoke in us images of towering trees. So, it makes sense to add more natural wood to your home interior decorating.

Wooden floors and stripped back unvarnished furniture will look great in any room for sure, but if you’re on a budget, using something like reclaimed barn wood with back adhesive strips will enable you to add more wood to your space without breaking the bank.

Just try to choose pieces that are close to the natural state of wood as possible if you want to create a truly calming effect.

Use Nature Colors

A lot of what makes nature so appealing is its beautiful colors. Mother nature never gets a color palette wrong. You want to take a look out your window and if you have a window with a view, use color to bring it indoors.

I live on the water in Florida and when I remodeled our home I enlarged the kitchen window for a view of the water outside.

I then chose artwork that was a photograph of water and a glass countertop that represented what we saw outdoors. The outside became my theme for my interior decorating. People that visit our home say it is so peaceful and I believe it’s because I have managed to bring the outside in with my home decorating techniques.

Use Natural Accessories and Art of Nature

Interior Decorating Natural Accessories

No home would be complete without a handful of attractive accessories to complete the look, but when your aim is to bring the outdoors in, the accessories you choose should speak to that.

I have a gallery wall in my family room of photographs of the manatees and birds I find right in my backyard. I also have paintings done by an artist of Florida animals which add the character I want in my home decorating.

Exotic Aromas

Smell is another big part of what makes nature so appealing. So, if you want to really bring the outdoors in, you must not neglect to add some inspiring aromas.

Patchouli incense, floral potpourri or seaside scented candles will all work well in your new natural space, but don’t be afraid to experiment with all of the wonderfully scented home products on offer.

Hang Lighter Drapes

If your drapes are heavy, they’re probably making the room feel more oppressive than it should be and they’ll certainly be stopping all of that beautiful natural light from bathing you in all its glory. Get rid of them and replace them with light, sheer drapes for a more natural feel.

Clean and Open the Windows

Clean and Open the Windows

Similarly, ensuring that your windows are spotlessly clean will help to maximize the amount of natural light you get. Opening the windows during the right time of year will let lots of wonderful fresh air in, bringing along the aromas of fresh moss, cut grass and fragrant flowers with it.

Have you brought the outdoors into your home? Tell us how did you do it?

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