Interior design ideas for a great space isn’t about the wall color, the flooring, the furniture, the pictures, the home decor or the window treatments… it’s about ALL of those fabulous finds, the decorarchitectural and furnishing elements working together in harmony to create an inspiring design.

That’s why interior designers spend so much time and effort searching for fabulous finds, choosing, buying and placing each piece and ensuring that it has that personal touch.

Finding Home Decor and Interior Design Ideas Online

Over the last few years, the process of finding, choosing and buying elements for a room redesign has become much easier with the help of the internet. Instead of walking through stores and traveling across the country and around the world to find unique pieces, we can simply jump online and get most of what we need.

The really unique items though – well, we were still traveling around to find those. But, over this last year, the interior design and home decor space has evolved online once again with the addition of something we’ll call “Membership Shopping Sites”.

One of our favorites is Joss & Main.

Benefits of Being a Member of a Home Decor Website

These unique home decor sites offer limited time (and usually limited quantity) sales on unique furniture and home decor. This is not the kind of stuff you find at the local furniture retailer, department store or big box store. These sites offer you the chance to look at (and buy – shipped direct to your home) items from designers all around the globe.

For example, this pillow which is regularly $80 but available for $52.95 was last marked as “limited quantities”.

Before these sites appeared, even interior designers were traveling to boutiques and road shows to view the collections and buy.

Now, it’s as easy as checking your email each day. Most of these sites send out a daily email that includes a link to “today’s” sales.

Even if you aren’t clicking to buy – browsing through the collections from interesting designers and talented buyers with an eye for style can be a great for interior design ideas. From lighting fixtures and pillows to full dining room sets and media centers, you’re sure to find concepts you can replicate in your own home.

We love the fabulous furniture finds. The ottoman was 25% off and the chair was last available at over 50% off.

So, as a member (and membership is always free – just signup with your email address) you receive:

  • Access to designers and collections you probably wouldn’t be able to find in your local area
  • Daily interior design ideas as you browse through the unique items
  • Great deals (you’ll find that these sites sell for around 50% off of retail prices)

Finding a Site to Join for Fabulous Finds

Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC is an affiliate of one of these sites – called Joss & Main. We partnered with them because we really like the stylish collections they put together each day and we are impressed with the deals that they offer.

Give them a try today – remember, you don’t have to buy anything to get the interior design ideas! Just signup using your email address and browse through the items – you’re sure to find something that will get your creative juices running!

Visit Joss & Main and Shop Fabulous Finds by clicking here.

(Honesty Note: If you click on the link above, we will earn a commission on any purchases you make from Joss & Main.)

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