Balancing Elegance & Comfort In Your Home

We are in charge of making our home comfortable and inviting, even if we ask favorable advice from designers or friends. In the end you are still the one to make the final decision in regards to color, theme, decorations and more. It is important to create the perfect balance of comfort and elegance by mixing the right blend of modern and classic for a space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Balancing Elegance & Comfort In Your Home

The idea of creating beautiful homes motivates many homeowners to enhance the space where their loved ones can relax and live. Choosing the best furniture and theme can bring a classic and contemporary style. In addition, combining the experiences and advices of many designers and users can help provide a good balance of elegance and comfort.

A good tip is to always match your furniture with your wall color. If you have a classic or vintage furniture design, match it with earth colors, such as brown, lime green, cream or wood colors. If you have a more modern design of furniture, you can play with any bright colors of furniture and paints in your room. Contrast and layer the color in your room and you can use a variety of contrasting textures to create that style.

You can also eliminate items that don’t contribute much. Either keep them for a special occasion or just totally give them away if it doesn’t fit your theme to maintain an admirable ambiance. Invest in standout pieces of furniture and a piece of art and your decorating is bound to earn compliments.

Written by: Aisha Santos, Writer

About the Author: Aisha Santos is a writer, traveler and artist.

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