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Restoration Style & the PDB Homestore

The PDB Homestore has just what you need to incorporate restoration style into your home. Below are our top four favorite picks from the PDB Homestore!

Pacific Heights Sofa

This sofa is an European-inspired take on the classic sofa and is redefined for a new age. The Pacific Heights Sofa is low to the ground, sleek, and overstuffed for a casual yet sophisticated appeal. This is a very chic, yet ultra-comfortable twist, on a traditional sofa.

Mission Bay Tall 6 Level Shelf

The Mission Bay Tall 6 Level Shelf is a great piece to bring into your home. Display your pictures, books, artwork, and any other of your collectibles proudly on this shelf from 4 open sides! The shelf is crafted from iron and hardwood and is distressed to replicate its forebear with the patina of age.

Palacial 3 Light Floor Lamp in Oil Rubbed Bronze

Now to add some beautiful lighting into your space. From the Palacial collection, this
Palacial 3 Light Floor Lamp in Oil Rubbed Bronze features a cascade of prismatic crystals suspended from an Oil Rubbed Bronze frame. Each of the crystal’s thick triangular profile bend light into various angles enhancing its visual depth and beauty. This piece will definitely be a talking piece in your home with all your guests!

30” Wooden Clock

Last but not least, add some decor into your room with this beautiful 30” wooden clock.

Written by: Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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