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How Art Creates Ambiance Using a Mural

muralist in front of finished wall mural with outdoor scene of woman and dog in a garden

Artist, Tom J. Byrne, shares with us his story of enhancing a meeting room / salon with a beautiful addition of a mural to the wall. See how he transforms this space using beautiful art into a more open and inviting place to socialize, share ideas and learn.

How to Create Ambiance Using a Mural

This is a case of the work choosing itself and evolving out of a conversation among a group of highly creative visual artists, writers and musicians.

I had know the owner of this apartment in Paris for many years. She regularly held art salons, discussions and soirees in the tradition of Gertrude Stein.

Everyone would meet and talk about art, make new friends and learn about the latest thing in Paris. The nearest good restaurant was often the destination after someone had given a talk on some art topic or another.

One day, I was the speaker and I explained about my art, galleries and the places I had travelled to, what motivated me to paint and the various things which paintings have been historically used for. I know it sounds obvious, but lots of people just see pictures and don’t think about what’s behind them.

The fact is, before television and movies, everyone was strongly encouraged to paint or at least draw. After words, it was the only means of explaining what you meant, of expressing ideas. A picture speaks a thousand words, that’s a pretty old expression. Have you ever noticed how the great botanists just happened to also be great artists or the way that scientists could draw extremely accurate images of the earliest creatures seen under a microscope. It’s not coincidence.

Anyway, the topic came around to symbolism and decoration. I explained how to paint a mural. What was involved and how a mural on a wall creates an incredible difference to the ambiance and perspective of a space, when it’s done well.

The smart owner of the apartment challenged me to prove it. I jokingly said okay. After that it was a pretty regular question, ‘when are we going to see that mural, you promised’. So negotiations began and agreements were reached, concepts were drawn up, agreed and color representations developed. It took a few weeks before any actual painting began.

It had to be done on canvas which would then be transfered to the apartment wall. I didn’t want to have the place in a state of unrest which would have disturbed guests, so I did the painting in my atelier. A few weeks later, it was ready for installation.

I think you can see from the photos the difference in the sense of space and appreciate the effect of depth and perspective which the painting gives the room, not to mention the ambiance.

The owner of the apartment and her dog are included in the painting and the scene is based on a description of a house she lived in while in Florence, Italy.

You can view more of Tom’s art at the gallery which represents his work in Paris, the Galerie DDG, on the ile Saint Louis or online at TJByrne.com.

How have you used artwork to create ambiance in your space?

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