Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen
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Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen

A lot of people are choosing to modernize their kitchen as they look stylish and are right on trend. Here are some tips to turning your kitchen into a stylish modern one. Wall Ovens Modernize Your Kitchen To move your kitchen…
The Beauty of Glass in Home Design
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The Beauty of Glass in Home Design

Interior Architecture Designed with Glass I am claustrophobic and I believe that is why I am drawn to the translucency of glass, it keeps spaces visually more open. It doesn't disrupt the architecture and only adds grace to it. The…
Smart Home Technology
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Reducing Energy Costs The ‘Smart’ Way with Smart Home Technology

Regardless of where you are in life, it’s always a bit painful to open up your home utility bills at the end of each month. After all, the larger the home, the more expensive it is to heat, cool and light a place. Fortunately, smart home…
material palette purple and magenta fabric with white and stainless hard surfaces

Jonathan Adler Is Working His Magic On Tech

Is it crazy to have a desire for things to match? I don't necessarily mean "matchy matchy" things, but rather creating a balance amongst the visuals that surround me. Maybe it's painting your front door the same cheerful color as your…
How much room can the Wocket smart wallet save you? Black purse on a white counter top

Wocket Smart Wallet Eliminated My Shoulder Pain By Reducing My Purse Size

For years I struggled with ways to consolidate all the stuff I carry in my purse. I tried all kinds of purse designs and recently bought an expensive Michael Kors zipper wallet that seemed to have a spot for everything, but when I put it in…
5 Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

5 Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

You’ve heard of smartphones and smart cars, but what about a smart home? These clever gadgets can turn any ordinary house into a smart home.
fashionable wearable technology

Can Wearable Technology Be Fashionable?

A look at current wearable technology from Silicon Valley. Tech designers are collaborating with fashion designers to create fashion options.
DRONE… Friend or Foe

DRONE… Friend or Foe?

To some, they are the dreaded drone, but to others they are advancing our technologic abilities in many areas. Whether you are a fan or not, the drone is out of the bag and there is no stopping its momentum. The global market for nonmilitary…
Home Theater Design Ideas
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15 Beautiful Home Theater Design Ideas & The Technology To Make It Happen

Private home theaters are becoming more and more popular. You want comfort, appeal and high-quality sound and video components. If you want some inspiration for your home theater design ideas, keep reading to learn about 15 cool designs for…
6 Benefits of Installing a Home Lift
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6 Benefits of Installing a Home Lift in your Singapore Home

Among other things, installing a home lift takes off a load of access challenges in the home environment. A private home lift that is well installed not only serves your home's accessibility needs, but can also transform and give aesthetic…
Diggin' This Design Nest Thermostat

Diggin’ This Design: Nest Thermostat Looks Sharp & Saves You Money

If you are going to invest money in HVAC, it only makes sense that you take care of your system so that it continues to work well for many years to come. It also makes sense that you upgrade your system to a smart and efficient one. It is amazing…
play modernist design italian calma e gesso italy filotto adriano lungolinea luxury brand

The Good the Bad & the Ugly at the Architectural Digest Home Design 2015 Show

The Good As a newbie to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2015, I was impressed with the amount and variety of products shown. Appliances seem to be the dominating industry represented, and I was excited to see and learn about all…