Is your computer running much slower than normal? Is your laptop so overloaded that it moves at a snail’s pace? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to take the necessary steps to speed up your slow computer. Dealing with a slow computer can be brutal in the design industry. The last thing you want when showing your client a design is for your computer to lag. It’s unprofessional and irritating for the client. Slow computers and laptops also make it harder to get work done on schedule. Here are a few tips you can use to get your computer running faster in no time.

Reasons Why Computers are Slow in the Design Industry

Reasons Why Computers are Slow in the Design Industry

Failure to Turn off Computers

There are plenty of people who leave their computers running all day long. They have it on while they sleep, while they are out of the office, and it’s just always on in general. This is a huge mistake for a number of different reasons. Failure to turn off computers when they’re not in use can shorten their lifespan. It also makes them more susceptible to other problems. By rebooting your computer, a fresh, brand-new copy of the computer’s registry is going to load. Ultimately, this gives your computer a clean slate to run off of. Once you’ve rebooted your computer, make sure to always turn it off when it’s not in use to keep it running efficiently.

Keeping Too Many Tabs Open at Once

Having too many tabs open at once will seriously slow down your computer. Yes, it might be a fantastic way to have access to lots of information at the same time. However, you’re doing your computer a major disservice. It uses up lots of your memory and it slows down computer resources that could be used to make your computer run faster. Instead of overwhelming your computer by keeping a hundred tabs open, why not bookmark web pages that you regularly use? Maybe bookmark the pages that you’ll need for a particular design project, then delete those bookmarks when you finish. This way, you can avoid slowing down your computer and still have fairly quick access to the information that you need. According to Stackify, creator of expert tips for Microsoft Application Insights, leaving too many tabs open at the same time is an unnecessary drain on your computer’s memory.

Using Too Many Programs at Once

This is a similar issue as having too many tabs open at once. If you have too many programs running at the same time, your computer is going to lag. If you have a bunch of programs that immediately turn on once you start your computer, try to turn off the ones that you don’t need right away. Avoid keeping programs open that you’ll hardly use throughout the day. In the design industry, it’s not uncommon to have many programs running at the same time, but this can be very detrimental to your computer.

Using a slow computer can get incredibly frustrating. If you use these tips, you’ll speed up your computer in no time at all.

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