3 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home – How to Make it Market Ready

Spring always seems to be a time when houses tend to, excuse the pun, spring onto the housing market. If you’re planning on putting your house on the market when spring arrives, you need to focus on a practical approach, not just invest in…
Home Upgrades To Improve Your House
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Home Upgrades that will Benefit your Everyday Life

Home Upgrades are very common for homeowners because they want their homes to provide them with the foundations of comfort, safety, and happiness. Unfortunately, many families make the mistake of simply adding modern trends that will need…
5 Different Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood Panels
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Reclaimed Wood Panels- Ways to Use Them in Your House

Using reclaimed wood panels is an amazing way to improve the look of your house. There is so much that you can do with them, and you can find a purpose for reclaimed wood in just about every room of the house. By using reclaimed wood, you are…
Analog Watch - Marble stone watch.

Analog Watch Co., Wooden & Stone Watches Inspired by Nature

I am drawn to organic fashion, architecture, art, and design which is why this company caught my eye while I was attending the international Furniture Fair in NYC this year. I stumbled upon a pop-up of artisan kiosks that were showing their…
Pool Designs – Keeping it Real
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Pool Designs – Keeping it Real

Water gives me a sense of peace and I know I must be near it. I have lived in Florida my whole life and when I am in a place that is landlocked I get a feeling of claustrophobia. I'm fine for short periods of time but, if I am there for too…
Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen
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Tips to Modernize Your Kitchen

A lot of people are choosing to modernize their kitchen as they look stylish and are right on trend. Here are some tips to turning your kitchen into a stylish modern one. Wall Ovens Modernize Your Kitchen To move your kitchen into…
The Beauty of Glass in Home Design
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The Beauty of Glass in Home Design

Interior Architecture Designed with Glass I am claustrophobic and I believe that is why I am drawn to the translucency of glass, it keeps spaces visually more open. It doesn't disrupt the architecture and only adds grace to it. The…
105 solar panels are installed at Littlestown Veterinary Hospital in Littlestown, PA, in mid September 2010. The Littlestown Veterinary Hospital in Littlestown, PA, received a grant from the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development under the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) to have solar panels installed to help reduce their carbon footprint and to have cost effective electric power for the hospital. REAP provides grants for energy audits and renewable energy development assistance. The program also provides funds to agricultural producers and rural small business to purchase and install renewable energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements. The expected cost savings using solar power for the hospital’s electrical needs is expected to reduce the facility’s operating expenses by 30%-40%. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung

3 Ways That Technology Is Lowering Your Electric Bill

Technology is constantly evolving to offer us more effective ways of doing everything from driving to teaching to heating and cooling our homes. New technological developments in the HVAC field have resulted in many ways to lower your current…
Graphic Inlays When Designing With Concrete

Graphic Inlays Is Just One of The Many Possibilities When Designing With Concrete

I am constantly looking for material to specify on my design jobs that are unique and totally out of the box. Concrete is one of those materials that gives me endless opportunity to make a unique design statement. Recently Stephanie and I paid…

East End Market is BIG City Grass Roots Culture in The Middle of Orlando

Anytime DigThisDesign takes it on the road we try to seek out and find the grooviest spots on the map. We recently hit the road to attend the South East Builders Conference show in Orlando only to be unimpressed with the vendor attendance.…

Interior Designers Seek Out Artisans To Create Out Of The Box Designs; Part I Venetian Plaster

I am an interior designer who wants to create only unique designs and in order to do that, I turn to the artisans that create the materials I will use to design a one of a kind space. One of my go-to artists is Rich Coulter, of Coulter…
Your Eco-Friendly Home

Make Your Neighbors “Green” With Envy On Your Eco-Friendly Home

The green movement has gradually become more of a lifestyle choice than just a short-lived trend. This is partly due to the fact that manufacturers have met consumer demand with great force. There are so many eco-friendly products and services…