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Fresh Green Plants for a More Liveable Interior

Fresh Green Indoor Plants for a Breathable Design

Fresh plants in the home bring enjoyment to everyone. What’s interesting is that some historians believe that this practice began in ancient Egypt. But what we know for sure is that over the ages, we brought outside plants in and taught ourselves to care for them. Did our ancient ancestors know the health benefits of fresh plants in the home? Maybe. But, they must have loved the aura of being alive that interior plants bring to us.

I like to refer to this as “bringing the outside in” which is a fascinating topic and one that I think is very important for any interior design. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a tropical climate or a cooler climate because we all love to be surrounded by living, vibrant plants.

Liveable Designs with Green Plants

For this post, I’ve curated a collection of green plants in smaller spaces with white walls and neutral color schemes. Enjoy!

Black White Greenery

Even a small apartment finds perfect serenity with softness found only in live green plants. You will also find nothing complicated about this design because it combines clean lines with light, space, and small to medium indoor plants.

Additionally, you can be confident that you will always hit the designing mark with black, white, and a living green color scheme.

Green Plants Modern Living Room Black White Grey Natural Light Wood

Image Source

Plant Box  Strategic Lighting

For another fantastic use of a small space, build a wood box on top of existing shelves and load it with gallons of greenery. Interestingly, the wall shelf holds smaller green plants to give this room the illusion of a green wall with lots of white contrasting space.

Clever design gives these plants a boost of energy with grow lights strategically hung behind them. The earthy texture of the cement ceiling is illuminated with a string of small white Chinese lanterns with a delicate intertwining of an ivy plant.

Green Plants Studio Apartment Wood Box Top of Shelf Full of Pots of Plants

Image Source

Big Plant Small Space

A large green Bird of Paradise plant creates a focal point in this room with white walls and a creamy neutral color scheme. These factors combine to make this room easy to walk through and feel totally alive.

With lots of natural lighting included in this corner, it is just the right spot to set three sizes of plants for a balanced arrangement.

Green Plants Modern Brightly Lit Living Space Neutral with Large Plant in Corner

Image Source

Spider Plants A Great Place to Start

I would miss the mark if I did not include the ever popular spider plant. People love decorating with spider plants because they give an aura of prosperity in big, bushy, hanging plants. What is even more beneficial is that they produce fresh air for your home in abundance.

The varieties include solid green leaves, white stripes down the middle, or white stripes on the outer side. However, the solid green variety produces more chlorophyll than green with white and that makes it a healthier plant for your home.

Green Plants Hanging Spider Plant White Panes Window Natural Light

Image Source

If you don’t include fresh green plants in your interior design, perhaps now is a good time to start. I recommend that you begin with something easy, such as the spider plant shown above. Then, when you have some success, use your new knowledge to bring in even more plants.

I wish you the very best of luck with your interior plants. With the right care, they will bring you many years of breathable, fresh air and unsurpassable natural beauty.

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