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Industrial kitchen design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, showing a signature wall.

Signature Wall with a Punch

One of my favorite ways to transform a room is with wall finishes. I like to find unique ways to create what I call a signature wall, making that wall the anchor to the design. To do this you need to create contrast through color, texture or shape.


Color impacts a design, but it’s not just changing the color of the wall, you need to take into consideration how the wall is viewed from adjacent spaces and how it will impact all areas.


Bright colored wall by Maurizio Giovanoni.

Design by Maurizio Giovannoni


Bright colored wall as seen from adjacent spaces.

Design by Maurizio Giovannoni



This was an industrial contemporary design I created using concrete for the counter top and counter top legs. The signature wall looks like concrete, but I actually used a porcelain tile due to concrete on the wall application being out of the budget. You can see how important the signature wall is to the integrity of the design, it holds the design together.


Industrial kitchen design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

The cladded wall of the outdoor atrium gives a horizontal texture, with volcanic stone tiles creating a calming effect, fitting of a zen space.


Atrium with cladded wall design.


The shape of a wall can actually create a visual movement to the room. The bright red Venetian plaster, with the horizontal strip pattern, continues the movement of the wall throughout the space.


Venetian plaster wall


Venetian plaster also uses texture and the bright red color creates an undeniable focus too.


Curved Venetian plastered wall


Red curved Venetian plastered wall.


Unique Materials

It is always the unexpected materials that I like to seek out and find. Check out this unique material I recently found, Stikwood. Stikwood is actually a peel and stick wood wall planking and wall art. This is also a great product for the DIYer because it’s easy to install and is super cost effective. What I love best about this product is it’s made from reclaimed and sustainable wood. It is perfect for contemporary or traditional styles, offering 16 finishes to choose from.


Stikwood Naked Fir wall planks

Naked Fir by Stikwood

We have all seen horizontal wood planked walls, but this one is unique with its victorian design faintly visible on the planks.


Stikwood Victoria Vandyke

Vandyke Victoria by Stikwood


I like it when a company has a big offering of finishes and styles and Stikwood fits the bill there. Look at the vibrant Azul pattern that has the flavor of Latin America. Made from Reclaimed Douglas Fir with an Eco Coat finish. For more great offerings from Stikwood visit their site.


Stikwood Azul 1

Azul by Stikwood

Remember a wall is more than just a wall and you should consider if it can be a signature wall or not. Don’t miss the opportunity to take wall design out of the box and really create a unique and timeless room design.

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