With the rate at which technology is advancing, more and more products are coming out that can benefit your home! Including advanced pieces of technology into your living space can make your life much easier, as everything will be integrated into each other, connectivity is the key to smart home technology. Want to use your voice to turn the TV on instead of a remote? Want different mood lighting? Well, you can have it all! Continue reading for the best technology solutions for your home.

6 Smart Home Technology Devices to Simplify Your Life

Smart Home Technology

① Virtual Assistants 

This may seem crazy or too futuristic, but virtual assistants are here and ready to help! People love this smart home technology that talks to them. It is a speaker, small in size and it fits seamlessly into your home décor. Virtual assistants allow you to get answers, enjoy entertainment, manage tasks, plan your day, and control your smart home. The Google Home is one example of virtual assistants, you can link it to all of your google apps and get it to recite, or even edit, things that are on your phone by just talking to it. It can also recognize different voices too, so everyone in the house can use it! They can also play music and be used to set reminders for certain dates, definitely something to consider to make your house a smart home!

② Robot Vacuums 

Another emerging smart home technology that is only getting better is robot vacuums. Using an infrared beam to detect walls and obstacles it navigates around each room cleaning up the floor dirt. Using electronically powered wheels that sit at its base, it drives along all of your floors doing the hard work for you, excellent if you find yourself lacking the time to do daily vacuuming! Websites like BestBuy sell a wide range of robot vacuums, cheap ones just to get the job done or more expensive ones that you can control from your phone.

③ Virtual Pet Interaction 

If you have a pet, you know how heartbreaking is it to leave them on their own for a few days, or even just leaving for work! That’s why companies like Furbo sell virtual pet interaction units. You can project your voice through the unit to your beloved pet, as well as being able to see them through a camera! You can also load them with food that the unit is capable of propelling a treat for your pet to eat. You can control the unit and interact with your pet all from your phone, giving you the ability to check up on them whenever you like. While this does not substitute for actually looking after your pet, it does provide a lovely bit of much-needed interaction with them when you’re away.

④ Smart Switches 

The need for power saving is ever-present, but thankfully there is a solution that can make your lives much easier! Smart switches plug into your sockets, but do not use any power until they are told to! Once plugged in, you can then use anything else to plug into the smart switch. Then, using an app on your phone depending on the brand such as Elgato, all you have to do is talk to your phone to let the power go through and the smart switch will turn on your appliance for you! This takes out the, perhaps trivial, task of turning something on and off, but more importantly, it allows you to save energy as it automatically turns off after a given time period, saving you money and helpS the environment too.

⑤ Air Purifiers 

Air purifiers have been around for a while, but now they are really beginning to step up their game. Air purifiers work by circulating all of the air within a roof through itself, having special filters inside to eliminate odors, dust, and any forms of microbes that might be sneaking around unbeknownst to you! Websites like acpulse.com offer different kinds of air purifiers for everyone’s needs, but not only that, they also offer free online advice as to which one you should purchase!

⑥ Ambient Light Kits 

While this does not have a “real” function like the others do, it offers an incredible way to make your home look much more dynamic from the inside. By using different LED lighting contained within the light bulb, companies like Phillips have been able to create a system that changes the color of the room, given you have enough light bulbs of course! You can program the colors from your phone, either lighting up as a rotation of colors or whatever you feel like at the time. This is a fantastic way to set the mood for a party or even the holidays. They are a unique way to change the view of an entire room, so if you’re looking for something that can change the feel of a room in an instant, definitely invest in this!

After reading this you’ll now have a much better idea of what technology you should be putting in your home. It can be anything from an air purifier to keep everything smelling clean and keeping the air safe for you and your little ones, a futuristic robotic vacuum or assistant to do the dirty tasks for you and to help organize your day. Or even if you’re just after a little mood changer, there is something for everyone here! Most of these items work well with today’s home trends with their sleek designs and should easily fit today’s home styles.

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