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One revolutionary idea saving us all from ourselves

We’ve all been there. The moment in our lives when we whip out our picture phones or our digital cameras to capture an event that we want to remember forever. We click with gleeful anticipation anxious to see the special moment recaptured. But alas, our grins soon turn sour and our pom-poms go limp as we quickly realize how terrible we are as photographers.


Over the past few years we have been bombarded with devices to help us take pictures conveniently and in the spur of the moment. Unfortunately none of these devices have given us the ability to be better photographers. Remember the look on Uncle Charlie’s face as his chair gave way under him? Of course not. The picture you took was blurry. And Uncle Charlie wasn’t in the mood to reenact the moment so you could take a better shot.

Fortunately LYTRO has created a revolutionary camera that allows us to take a perfect picture every time… even if we don’t take a perfect picture every time. And I for one am excited!


The first thing you notice about the LYTRO is its sleek look. It’s small, incredibly designed and quite stylish. But if you think this camera is just about style you would be wrong my friend. The most amazing feature of this tiny technological powerhouse is the 8x optical zoom lens with a constant f/2 aperture that allows this device to capture maximum light across the entire zoom range. What does that mean?

LYTRO has come up with a way to use light field technology combined with an instant shutter system, without an auto-focus motor. The result is “a meticulously designed camera that’s lightweight yet solid, built for stability and easy to use.” Gone are the days of trying to focus on your subject as the special moment passes. Gone are the days of deleting shot after shot as you’re downloading the “good ones” to your social media pages. No more dials, menu screens, or settings to worry about. Low light? No problem. With this camera it really is possible to point and shoot.


The LYTRO has many features that make it a revolutionary device. It’s intelligent design, extruded anodized aluminum structural skin, center of gravity shutter button, intuitive multi-touch screen and it’s weight (less than 8 ounces) all rank high in what this technophobe considers to be the most determining factor of a successful gadget: Form meeting function.

Perhaps my favorite feature on this camera is the ability to take a clunker of a picture and make it look perfect. Go ahead. Take a bad picture. Blurry, out of focus. No problem with the LYTRO . This camera is designed to capture the color, intensity, and direction of all the light so it allows you the capability of refocusing after the fact. Imagine that! And when you share your pics with your social community your friends and family can also interact with your “living” pictures on their mobile device or web browser.

LYTRO has produced a winner. This tiny camera is fun, cool-looking and quite advanced. It’s going to make a lot of noise in the tech community. And why not? When form meets function in the tech world, it’s so hard to resist. Visit www.lytro.com/ for more on this wonderful camera.

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