8 Ways to Create Your Designer Kitchen Accent Wall

8 Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas

When it comes to giving a kitchen a complete makeover, many questions come to mind. For example, which is the best kitchen accent wall color? Often, the accent wall is the one opposite the entryway or a window. But regardless of location, bold…
Super Glue, the Unsung Hero of DIY

Super Glue, the Unsung Hero of DIY

If you do a lot of DIY or love to create, then it's wise to keep a tube of super glue on hand. It has a range of uses, and there are different types of super glue you can buy with different functions. With this in mind, let’s take a look…
What’s Trending for Wallpaper Designs for 2019

What’s Trending for Wallpaper Designs for 2019

Like disco, wallpaper designs were a huge hit back in the 1970s. A couple of decades passed before the decorative room idea started to lose its popularity. Many homeowners began looking at other ways to adorn the walls inside of their homes.…
2018 Wallpaper Trends for Your Inspiration

Wallpaper Trends: See What’s in for 2018

Love it or hate it, wallpaper is a design trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. From the bedroom to the powder room and beyond, wallpaper is the perfect way to add a pop of color and style to your home. It is, very often,…
Accents of Black & White Home Decor
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Accents of Black & White is Hot in Home Décor

Accents of Black & White make a strong statement to any room design. This combination can lend itself to any design style such as traditional, contemporary or transitional. Whichever style you chose it will be important to find the…

Wallpaper Ideas

Are you looking for some great decorating ideas to help you spruce up your home? Got a wall in your favorite room that you really want to make stand out from the rest? Well if you’re looking for new and innovative decorating ideas, then wallpaper…
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Home Bars

A home bar is a great for entertaining. Whether you have space to dedicate an entire area, or just an open corner in your living space, you can create an area to store your glassware, mix drinks and show your guests that you know how to entertain! A…