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12 Gift Ideas To Give Your Significant Other On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Partner Will Love

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and if you have a significant other that you want to surprise with something special, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many ways to express your love for your partner, and giving them a…
Couple on Valentine's Day, wearing red dress from Sabre Mochachino and silver accessories on the beach

Why RED is the Color of Passion for Valentine’s Day

My blog has a diverse generation of followers and it is important to me to give two perspectives when it comes to fashion because one size does not fit all ages so to speak. My assistant, Stephanie Davis, is a young hip, twenty-something…
Non-Traditional Liberating Spa for "V" Day

The Non-Traditional Liberating “V” Day, Just for YOU!

Being single in a couples world on Valentine's Day, doesn't have to suck! Any holiday that involves the color red or pink is one everyone should participate in, it's HOT! Traditionally, this is a holiday meant for lovers, but I always…
Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, it’s time to get your home decorated for the day of love. These four amazing holiday home decorating ideas will surely get you in the Valentine’s Day spirit! Candles and Roses Candles…