7 Effective Tips for Keeping Your House Pest Free

7 Effective Tips for Keeping Your House Pest Free

There are several things to know and do when it comes to having a pest free home. You can check out our guide right here to learn more.
Stop Wild Animals from Entering Your Home

How to Seal Holes In Your Home to Prevent Wild Animals from Getting In

There's nothing worse than finding wild animals making their home within your walls. Once you find them, you'll have to find a way to get them out again. If you've ever had to do this before, you know that bat removal or pest extermination…
Spot and Treat Termite Infestations in Your Home

How to Spot and Treat Termite Infestations in Your Home

Termite infestation in your home? You're not alone. In this article, you’ll find important information on how to identify and treat an infestation.
6 Tips to Identify & Eliminate Termites from Your Home

6 Alarming Signs of Termites in Your Home

Pests are uninvited guests in most households, and no matter how hard we try to eliminate their presence by following various exterminating tips, these sneaky creatures are still able to find their way into our homes. There are multiple types…
The Importance of Weed Control for a Healthy Garden

The Importance of Weed Control for a Healthy Garden

There are about a thousand reasons why people love gardening and greenery but where there are fields of produce or flowers or a smaller home garden, there must also be weed control. Plants are in use in today's offices and homes with abundance…
Bed Bug Infestation

3 DIY Tips to Get Rid of Bed Bug Infestation

Among the tiny yet hazardous pests that invade our homes, a bed bug infestation is the most dreadful. Apart from beds, they find their home in the folds of curtains or the interiors of the sofa. You'll know when you come into contact with…
Preventing a pest problem

Exterminating Tips to Prevent and Remove Pests

Pests in your home are not just a nuisance, they can also cost you money and be a danger to your family's health. For instance, did you know that mice can spread diseases such as salmonella? They can also chew through wood and electrical wiring,…
Pest-proof your home

3 Easy Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home

Every homeowner knows that good maintenance is key, especially when it comes to finding ways to pest-proof your home. Your home should be a place of comfort in a world of chaos, but insects, bugs, and other unwanted pests often like to get…
Ways to Prevent & Eliminate Bed Bugs from Your Life

Bed Bugs: How to Avoid and Eliminate These Pests

A lot of homeowners can attest to the fact that bed bugs can strike when you least expect it. Perhaps you've never had to deal with them - and that's great. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll never have to deal with bed bugs. This…
Bed Bugs - The Uninvited Guest

Bed Bugs – The Uninvited Guest

The first time I heard about bed bugs was just a few years ago when the news was reporting infestation problems in some of the best hotels in New York City. Bed bugs aren't the result of poor housekeeping, just bad luck. You could bring the…
Helpful Pest Control Tips
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Helpful Pest Control Tips to Keep Annoying Pests Away This Summer

Summer is here, and so are the pests! The warmer weather has lured mosquitoes, ants, mice and other insects out of their winter hiding and back into your yard and even your home. Don’t let pests spoil your fun this summer! Follow these pest…
Termite Problems

Termite Problems

Termites account for some of the worst pest problems in U.S. households. Traditional methods for eliminating them often rely on the use of harsh toxic chemicals that pose major health hazards, especially to children and the elderly. Fortunately,…