According to one survey, about 84% of people have had some type of pest issue in their homes just within the past year. If you have had one in the past and want to keep your home pest free in the future, you might be wondering if it’s even possible.

Well, there are certainly some things that can help keep as many of them as possible out. Please continue reading for tips to clear your home and keep it pest free.

1. Cut Off Their Food Supply

One of the main reasons pests enter your home is because they think that they will be able to find food. But if you cut off their supply for food, they don’t have as much of an incentive to go into your place. 

While you need to keep food in your home for you and your family, you can make sure that you don’t leave food out on the counter and clean up any crumbs.

Also, make sure that you only keep your food in the kitchen. You can eat in the dining room, but don’t eat it in your bedroom or the living room. You might leave behind crumbs that the pests will be able to find. 

2. Check Your Doors and Windows

If you do end up accidentally leaving food out somewhere, one way to keep out any potential pests is to keep your windows and doors securely closed. 

Sometimes you might think that the door is closed all the way, but it actually stays open for a little bit. If the door is open, that’s basically inviting the pests into your home. 

Next, check to see if there are any cracks in the window. If there are some, make sure that you seal up those cracks because they get through even the smallest cracks. 

The screens of the windows are also important to check. They’re not very expensive to buy, and they’re pretty easy to install to replace a damaged one. 

3. Clean, Clean, Clean

While having pests isn’t always linked to being dirty, it can be one factor that will bring more of them into your house. 

Obviously, don’t leave crumbs and food lying around, but also clean up all the clutter that is around your house. Pests will live and hide in the clutter in your home. If you don’t detect them, they start taking over your home with infestations.

To have a pest free home, vacuum your floors every other day. Every month or so, also deep clean your house and clean up all of the clutter.

4. Look For Them

Every week or so, do an inspection of your home to check for pests. An infestation might seem like it happens overnight, but this only happens when most people don’t look for the warning signs of a problem. 

Interestingly, most pests will come in a few at a time to scope out your house and see if it’s worth infesting.

Ants are experts at this. If they do find a lot of food or good conditions, they’ll go back to the colony and let the other ants know what they discovered and bring back reinforcements.

5. Know What You Bring into Your Home

One way that pests can get into your home is if you bring them. 

The insects might latch onto you, like bed bugs or ticks, or they could latch onto your pet, like fleas. 

Whether it’s people, new furniture, clothes, outdoor, or pets that you bring into their home, make sure that you inspect everything. This way you’ll be able to stop a problem of pests before it happens.

6. Strive for a Pest Free Lawn

While checking inside your home is important, you should check for signs of pests outside as well. If you have a lot of clutter out there as well or an messy yard, a pest might see this as an invitation to claim their residence.

There are plenty of bugs that will hide in your lawn and then eventually make their way into your home, like stink bugs, ticks, ants, and sometimes even termites. 

You also don’t want any overgrown areas for your grass because this could start attracting other insects like rodents or larger animals.  

7. Schedule Regular Pest Control Maintenance

Finally, be sure that you schedule regular pest control. Most people only call a pest control professional when they actually have a problem. By then, it’s a little too late, even though they’ll most likely be able to treat it.

But to avoid even getting to that stage, you can have them come out every few weeks and spray around to help keep out potential pests. While they’re there for their visit, they can also help you spot potential spots where an infestation could occur. Or they’ll be able to quickly recognize signs that you’re going to have a problem with it soon.

There are many pest control companies out there to choose from, but you can find out more about professional pest control here.

Discover More Ways to Keep Your Home Pest Free

These are only a few ways to keep your home pest free, but there are many more things you can do.

It can be stressful trying to keep bugs and other pests out of your home, but thankfully you aren’t the only one struggling with it.

We have you covered. If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore the articles below for more exciting information about all things design for your home or business.

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