Pests are uninvited guests in most households, and no matter how hard we try to eliminate their presence by following various exterminating tips, these sneaky creatures are still able to find their way into our homes. There are multiple types of pests, and their damage potential varies across various species.

For example, bed bugs are much more troublesome than ants, or rodents are much more damaging than flies. Similarly, no pest comes close to the termites when we talk about the havoc they can wreak on your home, as they eat up the most precious wooden possessions of your home without any apparent evidence.

Therefore, below you will find six alarming signs of termites that you must know to prevent your home from extensive damage.

6 Tips to Identify & Eliminate Termites from Your Home

6 Tips to Identify & Eliminate Termites from Your Home

1.     Foundational damage:

If you try to ignore the alarming signs of termites, your wooden valuables are going to get eaten up in no time! Therefore, keep checking your wood floors and furniture for hollowness by tapping on them or by pushing a screwdriver through their structures. If you feel hollowness during the examination, act decisively, and hire professionals like Responsible Pest exterminators.

2.     White ants:

You must understand that there are no such species as white ants, and if you observe small white creatures of the size of ants, it is highly likely that you are looking at termites. Moreover, termites have broad bodies, straight antennas, and have a thick waist in contrast to ants who are narrow around the waist. Therefore, if you observe so-called white ants, become vigilant immediately and look for other traces of termites.

3.     Sawdust:

Termite droppings, also known as frass, look pretty similar to sawdust, but keener eyes can easily spot some differences. If you observe sawdust near wooden structures, or you suspect that some cracks in your wooden valuables are due to termites, observe the so-called sawdust nearby, and check whether it looks like pellets or wood shavings. If it seems pellet-shaped, be assured that you are looking at the feces of termites.

4.     Mud tubes:

As their name suggests, mud tubes are tubes made up of mud, and termites develop them for extra protection. Therefore, if you happen to locate a brown crack no wider than a straw, then get vigilant and start looking for other signs of termites in your home.

Alarming Signs of Termites

5.     Clicking sounds:

Termites are noisy eaters such that they can be easily heard when they are at work. Termites bang their heads against the wood and make clicking sounds that can easily be heard if you put your ear on the infested wood. Fortunately, they are always at work and hence can always be heard and identified. Therefore, if you are suspicious of termite infestation in your home, put your ear on various wooden valuables in your home, and if you hear any clicking sounds, immediately call pest control services.

6.     Doors do not fit:

It happens quite often that wooden doors puff up so that they do not fit into their brackets anymore. Most of the time, it is attributed to the excessive atmospheric moisture, but if it is happening in cold and dry weather as well, then it must be due to termites because they produce moisture while working.

Therefore, termites are a type of pests that cannot be taken lightly, and if you observe any of the above signs in your home, take the necessary steps to eliminate their presence from your home as soon as possible.

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