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Picking Chairs for Your Restaurant

Picking Chairs for Your Restaurant

Opening your own restaurant is a great idea, especially if you are into food yourself. One of the most important design items is picking the right chairs.
Montreal's Mile-Ex Restaurants & Cafes

5 Hip Eateries in the Mile-Ex Neighborhood of Montreal

The Mile-Ex neighborhood in Montreal, Canada has a plethora of restaurants and cafes from which to choose so it is hard to narrow it down to five. But if you are thinking about purchasing a condo in Mile-Ex this list helps you get acquainted…
Pizzeria Design

Pizzeria Design; 5 Excellent Tips

As a new pizzeria owner, how will you stand out from competitors and impress your customers? Besides delicious pizza, the design of the pizzeria is a big factor in the success of your business. Follow these 5 easy tips to design your pizzeria…
Tips for Restaurant Design
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5 Restaurant Design Tips for Success

Restaurants are havens for people to dine, relax, connect and have a good time.  The perfect restaurant design should consequently be an environment that agrees with the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer.  The starting…
5 Tips for a Restaurant Opening Party

Tips to Throwing a Bar and Restaurant Opening Party

The humid summers are finally starting to wind down, and you might be thinking about throwing a restaurant opening party or rushing your schedule to get your new bar open. No matter which one it is, if you’re serving alcohol, then you should…