If you own a restaurant, then, you know that the food business is thriving around the world. Deciding to open your own food business is a great idea, especially if you are into food yourself. Interestingly, decor and furniture for restaurants is a unique field for interior designers. Of course, one of the most important parts of a dining experience is picking the right chairs for your restaurant. Whether it’s a café, diner, or restaurant that you want to open, you’re going to have to focus on a lot of things in order to make it work.

Restaurants are a Full Design Experience

Owning a restaurant isn’t just about providing people with good food. A good restaurant provides its customers with an entire experience. This gives your customers a reason to come back to your establishment. Not many restaurants are able to accomplish this feat. This can be thought of as a make or break factor for your business in the long-run.

There are loads of factors that come together in order to create your restaurant’s ambiance. We’re going to be focusing on one of these factors for today: chairs. Your restaurant’s furniture plays a huge role in setting its ambiance. And restaurant chairs are one of the most important elements of your restaurant’s furniture. The type of chairs that your restaurant has doesn’t seem like a big issue. But it can determine a number of things for your business.

Excellent Tips for Picking Chairs for Your Restaurant

Picking Chairs for Your Restaurant

Out of all the furniture in your establishment, your chairs are what customers interact with the most. The style and comfort level of your seats determines your customer’s experience while in your establishment. By having the right kind of seats, you can determine factors such as customer turnover times.

The Importance of Customer Turnover Time

Customer turnover time is really important for restaurants. It determines the overall time a customer remains present in your establishment. Some food businesses want customers to stick around for longer while others want customers to clear out as quickly as possible.

Fine dining restaurants, for instance, want to provide diners with a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Places like these tend to have comfortable seating and a very relaxing ambiance. Fast food places and some cafes prefer shorter customer turnover time, so they go for seating that is less comfortable.

If you’re new to this concept, you may feel a little confused. Fortunately, you can figure out your ideal customer turnover time based on a few factors as follows.

Picking Chairs for the Food Served

Picking Chairs for Your Restaurant

The type of food business you’re serving should be taken into consideration. If you’re planning on providing a fine dining experience, you cannot expect shorter customer turnover times. However, if you’re running a café or a fast-food restaurant, shorter turnover times can be expected. 

Picking Chairs for Your Locality

Your locality will matter as well. If you’re opening a restaurant in a quiet, sub-urban area, you can expect customers who are looking for someplace where they can relax. In busier areas such as business districts, you will find customers that are in a hurry and are looking for a quick bite to eat. 

The Amount of Space for Your Seating

The amount of space you have to work with should be considered as well. Smaller restaurants have less space for seating. If this is the case for you, the seating is to be occupied for as little as possible so customers come and go faster.

Restaurants use a lot of tricks in order to manipulate their customer turnover time. The reason behind this is that your business’s performance depends a lot on this factor. Now that we have gone through the basics of customer turnover time and its relation to the type of chairs, let’s take a closer look at what picking the right type of chairs for your restaurant.

Picking the Right Types of Chairs

Picking Chairs for Your Restaurant

There’s no limit to the type of chairs that can be found across the world. This means that there’s no limit to the number of seating options that you can choose for your restaurant. There are wooden chairs, leather chairs, chairs with conventional designs, and chairs with contemporary designs. The exact look and feel of your seating furniture will depend on you’re the rest of your restaurant’s theme, your seating area, and your customer turnover time.

Picking Chairs with Durability

When picking your chairs, you also need to keep maintenance in mind. Ideally, you want your chairs to last for as long as possible. the durability of furniture depends on the materials used to make it and where is it placed. For instance, leather furniture tends to be quite durable, but if you leave it out in the open, the elements will make short work of it. If you have an outdoor seating area, you will want chairs that can survive the elements. Wooden chairs with removable cushions are ideal for outdoor usage.

Picking the Right Size of Chairs

When picking chairs, you also want to consider their dimensions. Your chairs should be proportional to your tables. When it comes to restaurant seating, there are actually standard sizes for dining tables. You can simply stick with these while picking your furniture. Doing so will ensure that your seating is ideal. Then, if you ever have to sell your furniture, you will be able to find a buyer for it easily. 


Picking chairs for your restaurant is a lot more complicated than one may think. There are loads of factors that you need to take into consideration before you decide what to go with. The type of establishment that you have, your ambiance, atmosphere, and your overall theme are all going to play a role in determining your ideal furniture set up.

Picking the right kind of furniture is a big deal since it can help determine your customer’s overall experience with your business. It can also be used to manipulate your customer turnover time, which is an important factor in the food business.

With the right kind of furniture, you will be able to get the most out of your restaurant’s seating area. You’ll be able to satisfy your customers and get better results from your business.

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