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Survive Your Remodel: A Guide To Formulating the Right Size Kitchen Island

A Guide to Formulating the Perfect Sized Kitchen Island By Patricia Davis Brown There is nothing worse than finding out after your remodel or new home construction that the kitchen island is not an efficient size for the space…
Open Kitchen Remodel

Bringing The Family Together In An Open Kitchen Remodel

I think it may be the dream of Mom's everywhere to be able to cook a holiday meal while interacting with the rest of the family. Growing up in bungalow's and 1950's styles kitchens, houses used to be laid out in a very chopped up fashion. Those…
How to Successfully Prioritize a Home Remodel

How to Successfully Prioritize a Home Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your home, you might not have as much time or money as you’d like, which means that you have to prioritize which aspects of your remodel are the most important. While you’re planning how your newly remodeled…