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6 Tips to Build Garden inside the house with Limited Space

No matter how limited your space is, don't let it be in the way of your dream of having a beautiful small garden.
Green Space in the Workplace
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Why Green Space in the Workplace is Important for Wellness and Productivity

Whether you work from home, or in an office with others, having green spaces are more important than you might think. When you are working, it's important to stay focused, productive, and be inspired. Green spaces can help promote each of these…
Ways to Make Your Front Yard Beautiful
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Front Yard Tips to Make Your Home Beautiful

As a homeowner, you have to maintain your property for various reasons. These reasons include resale value, neighborhood association rules, or simply because you take pride in it. The front yard is what typically stands out most. There are…
Tips on Winter Garden Maintenance
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Winter Garden Maintenance; 3 Must Have Apps!

Winter is coming with all its comfort and coziness of home and yet, it brings a great challenge with it when it comes to winter garden maintenance. The moment blizzards and snowflakes touch our garden, the beauty of summer comes to a halt.…
Go Green Bring the Garden Inside for Health and Beauty

Go Green: Bring the Garden Inside for Health and Beauty

Living walls, container-grown vegetables, blooming flowers, and air-freshening greenery can enhance your decor, improve your health and boost your brain power. Bringing your garden indoors is easier than you might think with modern growing…
Beautiful Balcony Gardens

Beautiful Balcony Gardens

Balconies can be a great little hideaway from the rest of the house or apartment. Here are some beautiful balcony garden inspirations.
Patio Pots Designs

Patio Pots Designs

It's spring and it's time to bring out your plants in pots on your patio!  The pots you place your plants on can be so much more than just a vessel to hold your plants, they can be just as an important part of the show! Decorate your…
Get Your Mantle Ready for Spring

Get Your Mantle Ready for Spring

Spring is upon us and it's time to brighten your mantle with beautiful floral, pastels, and designs to celebrate summer in it's early stages of spring.