Spring is upon us and it’s time to brighten your mantle with beautiful floral, pastels, and designs to celebrate the coming of the summer in it’s early stages of spring.  A mantle and fireplace are places to congregate when cold, so why not keep that tradition when it’s warm outside as well?

Get Your Mantle Ready for Spring

Inanimate Objects Bring your Mantle to Life!

Part of the joy of spring is the idea of rebirth. Plants and trees grow leaves and color, gardens flourish, and being outside is ideal, but since you can’t spend all day outside it’s great to change the inside to reflect the outside. Using certain objects and colors on your mantle you can do that.

Bits of art and personal design also give mantles life. Bright colors are inspiration for spring and while this marble mantle is old fashioned and classic, almost emoting a cold feel, use bright colors to give the room vivacity.

Let Mirrors on Your Mantle Reflect the Spring Light

Get Your Mantle Ready for Spring

Reflect that natural light with an illusion using mirrors. In a room where natural light isn’t necessarily available, a mirror is an exceptional way of displaying that light and bringing the warmth of outdoors into your room over the mantle that warms you in the winter.

Try a large mirror on the mantle with rustic wood that gives the impression that it could just as easily be a feature outside in your garden along with the bright purple flowers and lime green accessories.  Bringing that mood indoors while giving the natural light a beacon in the room captures the essence of celebrating spring on your mantle.

A mirror can also be a direct reflection (pun intended) of the sun. For a room with dark walls, and a darker decor, and what better way to brighten the room than a reflective light and, again, bright lime green accents!

The room below is bright and designed in a simple style.  The white walls, minimal color other than the plants suggest a desire to make the room bright and full of light.  This very simple mirror reflects that.

Bring Nature Inside with a Plant on Your Mantle

Get Your Mantle Ready for Spring

Bring nature inside and decorate your mantle with plants from outside.  There is nothing more fervent and a greater reminder of the greens and flush colors and delight of April and May than featuring them alive and flourishing on your mantle.

The mantle below has a simple design that makes a houseplant the main feature of it’s creation.  The color is limited and so the earthy greens,  and white flowers accent it beautifully, really encapsulating the lightness of spring and nature.

This collection of accessories pays close attention to spring and nature.  The birds, the flower, the tree like plant, and the candles (including battery operated candles) set a romantic mood, almost like a romantic dinner in the garden.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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