The Best Kitchen Improvements
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Kitchen Improvements – How to Increase the Value of Yours

The kitchen is the most important room in your home. A fantastic kitchen can add as much as twenty-five percent onto the overall value of your home. However, an investment benefit isn’t the only reason you should be thinking about doing some…
Kitchen color trends 2017 report.
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Kitchen Color Trends for 2017 Report

As a designer, I do believe I was born with some natural instinct when it comes to evaluating kitchen color trends, but the whole truth is; I also do my research. There are three components I use to evaluate kitchen color trends: Industry…
The History of the Farmhouse Sink
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A History Lesson on The Farmhouse Sink

When I am designing a traditional kitchen I love to focal point a farmhouse sink because it really makes a dramatic statement. Farmhouse sinks are very popular in today's kitchens which is understandable due to their ergonomic no-nonsense design…
NKBA 2016 Design Competition, Best Kitchen Winner

NKBA 2016 Design Competition Best Kitchen Winner

One of the best highlights of this past year was having the opportunity to be a judge for this years, NKBA 2016 design competition. I was so impressed with the talent I saw and as a past participant, for many years, I thoroughly enjoyed…
contemporary barbados style kitchen butler's pantry with dark cabinetry and white counter tops

The Open Kitchen Concept: Designing the Refrigerator Zone

Refrigerator design has come a long way over the years. There are so many configurations and sizes in today's offerings, that allow you to really customize your refrigeration needs. As a designer, I love having choices, but I know this can…
Kitchen Remodel for Home's Best Resale Value

The Most Important Room to Modernize For Home’s Best Resale Value

Remodeling should be a four letter word for many people since even the thought of it can be too much for some homeowners. After all, when a remodel goes wrong, it can go very wrong, and you can lose a lot of money or a disruption in the…
Top Home Design Trends For 2016

A Look at The Top Home Design Trends For 2016

If you’ve been thinking about building a new home, now just might be the perfect time to finally start the process. Home builders are gaining confidence in the housing market, and home buyers are capitalizing on customization trends that…
contemporary kitchen wine bar with microwave mounted in wall cabinet shelf, water texture glass cabinet doors, sub zero refrigerators and wine cooler

5 Ways To Rearrange Your Kitchen To Live More Functionally

The kitchen is often the center of life in a home. A lot happens here – family meals, birthday cakes, conversations, homework – but at times clutter or disorganization can make it a frustrating space. There are simple ways you can rework…
traditional white cabinet interior design, range and hood design

The Open Kitchen Concept: Designing The Cooking Zone

The most popular design in kitchens today is the open kitchen concept. Due to the lack of walls in the open kitchen you need to design them in a way that creates efficiency. In yesteryear, you had four walls and on the walls were wall cabinets…
Designing the clean up zone sink area in a kitchen design

The Open Kitchen Concept: Designing The Cleanup Zone

Due to the popularity of the open kitchen concept, kitchens today have evolved to become the control center of our homes. From sharing meals to children's homework, it has become a multi-functional and dynamic space. It is important to think…
How To Lay Out A Kitchen Plan

Quick DIY Guide: How To Lay Out A Kitchen Plan

Professional interior design and kitchen design space planning advice for DIY layout of kitchen floor plan & cabinets around doors & windows.
8 Pro Tips for Giving New Life to Your Kitchen

8 Pro Tips for Giving New Life to Your Kitchen

Are you tired of making the same old meals in the same old kitchen? Are you dying for something fresh and exciting that actually motivates you to pull out the cutting board and spend some time with the cookbook? We've gathered eight ways to…