3 Fix-It Tips for an Overheating Clothes Dryer

3 Common Reasons Why Your Clothes Dryer is Overheating

Clothes dryers are regularly used household appliances, and from time to time they can overheat, making them a potential fire hazard in your home. While certain causes of dryers overheating are more common than others, some require a fast…
Evaluating Home Fix It Projects

Evaluating Home Fix-It Projects; Is It Worth Fixing?

When something goes wrong in the home, a lot of owners are faced with a difficult choice. Either, you can fix-it yourself, risking making a mistake which makes everything worse. Or, you could call in the professional's to help you out. Knowing…

5 Home Improvement Fixes For House Structural Problems

Home improvement projects are something that we all have to contend with, whether you are renting a property or have just bought your first home, there are some common defects the average home may have. What's important is knowing what to look…
What To Do Before Hurricane Season Arrives

Hurricane Season; What You Should Do to Protect Your Home

With the recent destruction of Hurricane Irma, which has devastated many areas in Florida, extreme weather has been on all of our minds recently. Even if you don’t live in a place prone to hurricanes, with autumn and winter approaching, there…
5 Minimal Upkeep Ideas for Your Home

Is It Possible To Design A Home That Requires Minimal Upkeep?

So, you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your home. Great news! Making sure you take the time to do this will mean being able to spend less time on boring tasks and more time doing the things that matter, as well as the things you…
A Guide for Quick Home Fixes

5 Quick & Easy Home Fixes Before Entertaining

Before having people over, it can seem as though there are a million things to get done. Whether it is a holiday dinner, a birthday party for the kids or just a friendly get-together with a few friends, it is easy to become overwhelmed with…
Decluttering Your Home For Good

Decluttering Your Home For Good

Clutter in a house builds up very quickly. It sneaks up on you while you make excuses or just simply ignore the mess. Sometimes, it's genuinely difficult to keep a home clutter-free and clean. Life can prevent you from spending enough time…
How to Get the Most out of Your Forever Home

Forever Home – Getting the Most Out of Yours

Most of us have the idea of a forever home in our heads, whether this is something that's achievable now or a distant dream. What do we need to look for, what feelings do we need to consider, and what do we need to hold close in order for us…
Home Upgrades To Improve Your House
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Home Upgrades that will Benefit your Everyday Life

Home Upgrades are very common for homeowners because they want their homes to provide them with the foundations of comfort, safety, and happiness. Unfortunately, many families make the mistake of simply adding modern trends that will need…
Household Maintenance that Can Not Be Put Off

Household Maintenance – Why Prevention Is Better Than The Procrastination

If you asked a group of people what one of their least favorite thing to do is, a lot of them would probably say their habit of leaving household maintenance task until the last minute. It's something that a lot of us do, and all for different…
Winter Time Maintenance List

Winter Time Maintenance Must-do List

Not keeping up with winter time maintenance can cause damage to your home and have you spending a lot of money in the future unnecessarily. Don’t let it happen to you. Do these maintenance tasks this winter to keep your home shipshape. Winter…
New Homeowner To-Do List After Move In

New Homeowner To-Do List After Move In

So you’ve just become a new homeowner! That is incredibly exciting! It won’t just be exciting though; you will also find that it is a lot of hard work. And that is because there will be so much stuff to sort out. After all, you will need…