Online Furniture Shopping Tips to Avoid Costly Mistakes

A Complete Shopping Guide; Online Furniture Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Have you tried online furniture shopping? Perhaps you are moving into a new house and want to turn it into the best place on earth for you. Or, maybe you feel like it's time for your house décor to get a makeover. Either way, online furniture…
Furniture Tipping

Furniture Tipping Injuries; The Statistics

Furniture tipping is a known safety hazard in homes so it is an important topic for interior designers. It is a big part of a designer's job to build safety and security into their designs. There is also the subject of product liability…
Tips for Choosing the Right Luxury Furniture

Luxury Furniture: How to Choose the Right Pieces

Luxury furniture plays a huge role in determining the interior design styles of homes today. Experimenting with different furniture designs, styles, and arrangements is a great way to achieve a unique look. Purchasing the right furniture, however,…
6 Tips to Stay on Budget & Buy Great Furniture

Furniture for Your Home: Tips to Stay on Budget

Moving often means you need to furnish your home on a budget. Naturally, furniture can be moved from the old house to the next, but it doesn’t always work with the new layout or design. And, when you’ve just bought a new house, dropping…
Furniture Tips for Proper Care & Maintenance

Furniture Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your furniture, there are always going to be accidents that take place. The best thing for you to do is to take good care of your furniture and maintain it as much as possible. After all, prevention…
Renting Furniture - Temporarily renting a home choose to rent your furniture

Renting Furniture – 5 Reasons It’s a Smart Decision

This post brought to you by CORT. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Dig This Design. The world has changed by how we work and live our lives. Use to, we all got up in the morning to head to our office for a day of work,…
How to Negotiate Your Home Renovation
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A Guide to Negotiating Your Home Renovation

A home renovation is a challenging project. You have to become a project manager, juggling multiple tasks at once while keeping your eye on things.One of the most important things to keep an eye on is your budget. Remodeling is expensive; even…
Finding Quality Furniture Parts is Important
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Finding Quality Furniture Parts is Important

As many of you know, I am an interior designer and a kitchen and bath designer so I certainly know something about designing and building furniture and cabinetry that lasts. It is important to me that my furniture and cabinetry creations last…