DIY Projects - How to Make Them Easy

DIY Projects – How to Make Them Easy

DIY projects can be tricky. If you have no experience in the field, it’s hard to be confident in the choices you have to make along the way. However, DIY projects can be manageable with the proper steps. It’s easy to make the changes to…
6 Inexpensive DIY Ideas for a Beautiful Home

DIY Home Ideas That are Cheap and Easy to Make

When decorating our homes, many of us pay extra for pre-made furniture and decorations, just out of convenience and ease on our behalf.  However, our homes are a reflection of our own individual flair, so naturally, we want to make them…
How to Solve Common DIY Problems

Common DIY Problems and How to Solve Them

As a homeowner, it is inevitable that you will be faced with DIY projects, it just comes with the territory of owning your own home. Today's post discusses some of the more common DIY problems and some tips for solving them. How to Solve…
A refurbished desk using the technique of decoupage medium Mod Podge.
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Refurbished Desktop Using Decoupage Medium Mod Podge

What's A Decoupage? As a designer who has added blogging to my resume, I learn something new every day. Thanks to our latest submission by one of our favorite DIYers, Julia Reilly, I have learned what a decoupage medium is in the crafting…
Painted laminate desk furniture DIY tutorial with Ace Hardware paint color Pomegranate Seeds.

How to Paint Laminate Furniture: Ace Hardware 31 Days of Color

This DIY post is sponsored by Ace Hardware.   Refreshing the look of your furniture with paint is one of the easier and less expensive routes to go with a DIY project. While there is still prep work to do on any paint job, painting…
DIY Draw Latches

DIY Draw Latches

You can probably find several draw latches throughout your house; such as your garage, or inside your shed.  They can be used for many practical purposes. These types of boards have been a hit in many houses as a DIY project for decades. …