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6 Steps to Becoming a DIY Expert
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Want to Become a DIY Expert? 6 Strategies for Success

To some people, the thought of doing any handy work is scary or unappealing. From plumbing to laying hardwood floors, you might be afraid you will ruin what is not broken. Not everyone is born to be a DIY expert and it's great if you know that…
DIY Home Decorating Guide for Success

DIY Home Decorating Guide for Success

Over the last couple of decades, DIY has become more popular than ever. From the TV shows that make DIY home decorating look like a breeze, to sites like Houzz and Pinterest, homeowners are given a skewed view of what it actually takes to be…
13 Free Resources for the Home Improvement DIY-er

13 Free Resources for the Home Improvement DIY-er

Home improvement projects are as popular now as they have ever been. Television programs like "This Old House" were perhaps the genesis of this movement, helping homeowners realize that with the proper tools and instruction, people could do…
Home Projects You Should Not DIY!

Home Projects You Should NOT DIY

If your project puts you or your home at risk, it's probably better to hire a professional for the home projects you should not DIY.
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Storage Ideas – As Seen on DIY

Patricia's design ideas were featured on the DIY Network website, in a post about stylish storage. Here are Patricia's storage ideas that caught DIY's eye: Family Room Storage Media and decor are kept nice and neat in this custom…