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Designing Your Dining Table to be the Centerpiece of the Room - Natural texture setting with bulbs sprouting in a low bowl with green glass ware and earthy table settings.

Designing Your Dining Table to be the Centerpiece of the Room

We've gathered together some tips for each facet of your dining experience. Here are some inspiring design elements to consider.
Dining Room Tables

Table Talk: 4 Tips on Picking the Perfect Dining Room Table

Tables are an important element to establish the aesthetic of a room that you must never ignore. While you often see different types of tables in different rooms of your home, none are as important as the dining room table. A dining room…
Modern Dining Chairs to Impress
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Modern Dining Chairs that will Impress Your Guests

Most people don’t think too much about their dining room chairs until they're about to be the host of a party. All of a sudden, you’re noticing that the seats of your chairs are creaky, the legs are uneven, and one of them looks water stained.…

How to Correctly Light Over The Dining Room Table

How to light over dining room tables. Where to hang a chandelier over a table, distance from the chandelier, and other design ergonomics.
Black And White Kitchen and Dining Rooms

Black and White Kitchen and Dining Rooms

There is something about black and white together that comes off as minimalist and often elegant. Here is a black and white kitchen and dining room.
Designs for Your Butler's Pantry

6 Ideas for Your Butler’s Pantry

Here are inspirations to highlight your butler's pantry features with beautiful uses of wood, modern design, and the application of marble and stone.
5 Modern Dining Room Settings With Plenty of POP

5 Modern Dining Room Settings With Plenty of POP

The "formal" dining room can present a real decorating dilemma for those of you that love a more modern dining room with contemporary style. Traditional dining rooms seem so comfortably adorned with Grandma's old sideboard filled with Aunt…