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3 Money Saving Tips for Designing Your College Dorm Room

You’ve moved into your new college dorm room, and there's too much to fit in your room. Moreover, you don't know how to design your space for comfort and efficiency. On top of struggling to get familiar with your new found living arrangements,…

Tips to Secure Yourself and Your Things In Dorm Room Living

When you set off for college, you have big expectations of what life on campus is going to be. You envision your dorm mate becoming your BFF for life, but in reality living with someone you've just met can become quite a daunting experience.…
3 Must Do's for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

3 Must Do’s for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

Making the most out of college dorm room storage space with smart organizers and a move-in plan. Stylish decor ideas for bland dorm rooms.