You’ve moved into your new college dorm room, and there’s too much to fit in your room. Moreover, you don’t know how to design your space for comfort and efficiency. On top of struggling to get familiar with your new found living arrangements, you also naturally seek the same comfort level you had at home.

While it’s very rewarding to move to college and gain independence, it’s still a daunting experience. You may find yourself continuously thinking about your home and want that same feeling to surround you. So, now it’s time to express yourself and create the best living environment possible. Since you’re just moving in, this is the perfect time to design your college dorm room for liveability, studying, and recreation. Read on for some handy tips for decorating your room for college.

Your New College Dorm Room • Money Saving Tips

Decor from Home

College dorm room

Depending on the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, you can create your own personal space by taking things from home to your dorm room. This can be anything, from photographs of friends and loved ones or fluffy animals you’ve had since you were young.

When you include these memorable items in your dorm, it creates a comfortable space for rest and school work. It’s a great idea to hold on to those things that are from a memorable time in your life because they serve as a comfort when you get homesick.

Multi-Use Furniture

Futon for your dorm room

Creating a good environment in your dorm room can take time and patience. One of the best approaches to dorm room design is to use multi-use furniture. A great example of this is the versatile futon that doubles as a bed by night and a sofa by day.

There is a wide range of futons available in different sizes, colors, and fabrics. Futons come in handy when you invite your friends over because most can seat up to four people. To find one that suits you best, consider reading Futon Reviews to ensure durability and quality.

Sell the Excess

Items tend to accumulate over time and in your small dorm room space, that can quickly get overwhelming and cause clutter. Additionally, you might have brought too much stuff with you from home to fit it all in. In that case, to remove unnecessary clutter, an online garage sale is definitely worth your while. You can do this by using an online platform such as Facebook Market, Craigslist, LetGo, and Poshmark, to name a few.

Moving into your college dorm room is one of the most exciting times in your life. Follow these tips to create a space that feels a little like home to help you through the homesickness. With a little effort and creativity, you will create just the right atmosphere for your studies and fun with your friends.

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