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Outstanding Fashion Boots for Fall 2020

Outstanding Fashion Boots for Fall 2020

Get on board with fall fashion boots for 2020 for your wardrobe. From suede to snake skin to smooth leather, find a style that suits you for the season.
The History and Lifestyle of the Roper Cowboy Boots

The History and Lifestyle of Roper Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are originally a type of footwear commonly used for riding horses that became popular among the general population with the rise of Hollywood westerns during the late 30s and early 40s. They typically come with high shafts,…
4 Top Design Features for a Great Pair of Boots

Great Pair of Boots; 4 Top Design Features

A great pair of boots is determined by many factors that include fit, comfort, style, and the purpose of use. With so many selections from which to choose it is wise to learn some basic facts about boots before you purchase. Whether you need…
Patty’s Boot Trend Picks for Fall 2017

Boot Trends; What’s HOT for Winter Bootwear?

Boots are made for walking and also strutting. Boots are high fashion and a much-needed accessory in fall and winter, but for some of us self-proclaimed fashionistas, it is our passion! I always look forward to seeing what's trending for fall…
Cowgirl Style Is Big For 2017

The Cowgirl Style Is Big For 2017

There are places where the cowgirl style is always in. I just got back from visiting Nashville, Tennessee where if you didn't have a pair of cowboy boots on you just weren't cool. All the ladies were wearing boots, even though the outside…