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Boot Trends; What’s HOT for Winter Bootwear?

Boots are made for walking and also strutting. Boots are high fashion and a much-needed accessory in fall and winter, but for some of us self-proclaimed fashionistas, it is our passion! I always look forward to seeing what’s trending for fall boot trends and this year there are some past trends renewed again and some boot trends that never seem to fall out of popularity. Here are my favorite picks in boot fashions for fall 2017.

Patty’s Boot Trend Picks for Fall 2017

White is Back!

Boot Trends - White boots are trending for fall 2017.

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Skipping through one of my favorite department stores recently, I was stopped in mid skip at the site of the presentation of white boots. I haven’t seen white boot trends since the 70’s and it brought back memories of a 13-year-old Patty and her first pair of go-go boots. They were patent leather and I thought I was HOT in them. This is a bold statement that I personally can’t wait to strut and it is shown with all colors of outfits, you don’t have to do just white on white to make this look a success.

Red HOT Boot Trends

Boot Trends - Red high top boots were trending on the runway.

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I think Fendi was making a serious statement with these thigh-high red boots in light of women feeling their basic rights are being threatened. Red is a powerful bold statement and that is what women want to project today, that they are powerful and in control. If I didn’t live in Florida where the winters don’t get quite cold enough for me to wear leather leggings, so to speak, I would definitely want to have me a pair of red high wonder woman boots!

Cowboy Boot Trends

Boot Trends - Cowboy boots are always in!

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Who doesn’t love to get her cowboy girl on with an awesome pair of cowboy boots? I have always had a pair of cowboy boots and I love to country western dance. Lee and I went to Nashville last year and loved it. It was in the summer and extremely hot so I did not take my cowboy boots, but to my surprise, the ladies were strutting their cowboy boot trends in shorts and skirts. I must say I take my hat off to them for being able to bear the heat for the love of their cowboy boot fashion. This season there is some twist to the typical cowboy boot style and I am digging it! Check out these mid-calf rustic boots by Elsworth.

Boot Trends - A twist on cowboy boots with this rustic look.

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Combat Boots are Still a Favorite Boot Trend

Boot Trends - Combat boots are hot for fall 2017.

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Stylish combat boots are once again a favorite in boot trends. They come in so many styles and give a masculine look to any outfit and adds the finishing touch. I am even seeing them paired with cocktail dresses giving the message loud and clear that they are not going to be disrespected!

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