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What to Consider When Designing a Breezeway

Architecture 101; Designing a Beautiful Breezeway

If you are unfamiliar with the purpose of a breezeway it is typically like a hallway connecting two structures. Many times in residential architecture you would see a breezeway between the main home and a garage or guest house. A breezeway…
When Your House Is No Longer Enough – Move or Redesign?
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When Your House Is No Longer Enough – Move or Redesign?

You own your house, and you've lived in it for years, but you're not sure if it's what you need anymore. Perhaps you think you might need more room, or you've lost your love for the style of the house. Your first thought might be to move, but…
Creating And Building A Stone Patio

Creating and Building a Stone Patio

When you build your own patio, sometimes our capabilities and limitations might stop us from moving forward. Here is information you need to know!
Good things come in small packages

Good Things Come in Small Packages

I truly believe that good things come in small packages. For instance, just because your bathroom is small, it can still be luxurious.