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yellow red and orange plastic weave diagonal striped bangle

Add a bit of excitement to your look by including one of these colorful accessories we chose to brighten up any wardrobe.  The warm tones of reds, oranges, and pinks are great colors to wear this time of year, bringing a bit of sunshine back to these sometimes dreary days of winter.


A Great Escape

Add one of these bright, cheery Telephone Wire Bangles to your wrist from Villa Coco for an instant resort feel.


Tangerine Tango

A sure way to brighten these grey days of winter is to incorporate the 2012 color of the year — Tangerine Tango (as determined by the Pantone Institute). This is a great color with high energy! It is sure to brighten your day, and just the name sounds healthy.


Several clothing designers will have versions of tangerine in their collections this year. If it is too much to have a blouse or dress in this color, try adding a pop of tangerine in an accessory, such as a scarf or handbag. This color also works well as an accessory in your home in a throw or a pillow.

 Orene Kearn, Certified Image & Wardrobe Consultant, Orene Kearn Image & Wardrobe Consulting


Pretty In Pink

Adorn one of these fun and flirty bracelets to give your look a touch of movement and flair.  This piece is the “Fruit Cocktail” Chalcedony Gemstone and sterling silver bracelet by Pacific Jewelry Designs.


 Hot To Trot

You will be hot to trot in this statement footwear we found from Bennetts Boots.   Sporting just the right amount of hard wear, this bright calf high boot is the perfect addition to your three quarter length skirt, slit above the knee.

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