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Rick Owen’s Graceful Drapes At Paris Fashion Week

In the past, Rick Owens has astonished the audience at his runway shows with provocative statements like human backpacks and exposed genitalia on his male models. The man seems to love controversy. During Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, it looks like he focused more on his end product rather than an extravagant delivery. His Fall/Winter 2016 collection featured graceful, meticulously draped fabric in surreal shapes.


Rick Owens design at Paris Fashion Week 2016 Fall collection with draped earth colored fabric.


At first, his designs reminded me of a carelessly tossed pile of drapes, but that’s only looking at his concept skin deep. Owens was inspired to connect his collection to the evolution of our planet and its relatively recent climate change. To read more about Owens’ inspiration for his collection titled “Mastodon”, check out his interview with the New York Times.


rick owens fall 16 3


Owens created movement in his work by allowing the fabric folds room to dance. Colors of earth and water draped his models while unexpected fuzz sat on their heads. These seemingly odd “nests” were meant to represent molecules. What resonated with me about this collection as a whole was its fluidity. A similar effect occurs from watching the movement of water  or sand dunes shapeshifting in the wind. I think Owens captured some primitive qualities of nature that many of us can relate to even if you can’t relate to actually wearing one of his pieces.


rick owens fall 16 2


Here is a video of the entire lineup. The stark, gray, angular setting provides contrast for the models gliding through. Check it out and let me know what you think. How does this collection make you feel?



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