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How to Wear Animal Print with Style

Animal print is a fun accessory to add to any outfit that draws attention and exudes a little bit of a wild side. However, it is IMPORTANT to not over-do it all at once. Using animal print in your style takes a bit of balance to pull off a look that is both polished and spontaneous.

Check out the following properly balanced animal print outfits and fun animal print accessories that will add a hint of daring to your look if worn properly.

Paired with jeans and your favorite tee & cardigan combination, this chunky bag by Wayne Cooper Handbags will adorn your arm, bringing out your more instinctive qualities.

This outfit we found on Pinterest, from HSN.com is the perfect example of adding one animal print item of clothing to your attire, pulling the look together into a more interesting combination.

Adding a pair of animal print shoes to a solid color dress will add interest and a touch of sexy to your dramatic look.  PLEASE do not pair animal print shoes with an animal print dress.  It’s a jungle out there, ladies.

This is another great example we found on Pinterest, created on Polyvore.com.  It balances the wild and sultry dress with understated, subdued accessories, letting the dress take center stage.

Adding a simple animal print clutch or wallet to your accessories will bring out a subtle hint of your inner animal magnetism.  This wallet by Wayne Cooper Handbags is a perfect addition to your collection.

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