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Finding Your Personal Style on Pinterest Using Polyvore

Pinterest is all about what impassions you. That makes picking a few top boards about style incredibly tricky. What is more personal than your own sense of style – what attracts you, what you find lovely, how you express your individuality in your home and on your person?

The Polyvore


For anyone who has ever stood in a clothing store pondering an adorable top, wondering what to pair it with, or anyone who’s played a similar game in their own closet, Polyvore is for you.

Like a virtual Barbie, the associated website (www.polyvore.com) lets you mix and match pieces to create a style collage that you can pin to your own wall. Their Pinterest page hosts 35 boards with over 3,400 pins of celebrity style, accessories, home décor, hair, nails, and, of course outfits upon glorious outfits.


I see more Polyvore virtual outfits on my friends’ boards than any other fashion related posts due to the ability to create completely custom ensembles and see how each piece works together from head to toe.

Want to wear it in the real world? Polyvore tells you where you can buy what’s posted on their site, or you can post images of things you find to their “ask” board so other Polyvore members can help you track down where to get your hands on it.

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