Authentic designer bags fight a daily battle against counterfeit knockoffs. The designer bags industry spends millions of dollars yearly on private investigators whose only purpose is to find and eradicate the knock-off industry. If you feel like you are in the dark when it comes to making comparisons between authentic or fake bags, you are not alone. While this battle continues, you must do your consumer research before you purchase a designer bag.

New York University Professor Thomai Serdari says companies spend millions trying to stop the counterfeit rings and has a message for people who don’t think twice about buying a fake Chanel, Prada, Gucci or Tory Burch: “There’s usually child labor involved. There could be funding of a terrorist organization.”

Authentic Designer Bags; the Only Ones to Buy

Authentic Designer Bags; the Only Ones to Buy

Authentic is Always Obvious

Imagine you are out on the town with your friends and one of them notices your new beautiful designer bag. What if the next thing they notice is that it’s fake? By virtue of the fact that someone purchases a designer bag – fake or authentic – this demonstrates that they care what people think about the bag.

The message a fake bag sends to everyone who sees it is that the owner is-not-worthy of authenticity. So, not the message we want to send to others. Authenticity wins out over fake, every time in every situation.

The Design Industry Takes a Big Blow

Another reason to avoid fake designer bags is that it is illegal in most countries. What these phantom manufacturers do is copyright infringement. When someone knowingly purchases a fake designer product, they do their part to hurt not only the design industry to the tune of billions of dollars per year but the purchaser is also in legal danger of arrest for a serious crime.

At the same time, they support an industry that steals other people’s designs, uses them as their own, and makes a profit. Think about it, does anyone really want to be part of that?

Sweat and Child Labor Factories

Now there are the glaring facts about sweat and child labor factories that produce these knock-off products. The bags are largely made in countries where children are forced to work in factories from a young age to help support their families. No one wants to support this type of industry yet many do when they casually buy a designer knock-off bag.

Designer bags are very expensive and don’t fit every budget. However, part of the wonderful mystique of the designer bag is the value and quality that it carries with it. This cannot be duplicated with inferior materials and sweat labels. Authentic designer bags support a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone who works in that industry. Let us all show our support to the designers and the industry we love by pledging to only purchase authentic designer bags.

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