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Makeup Trends: 2018 is All About Drama

2018 makeup trends are all about drama.

Makeup trends seem to be ever-evolving. And, with the new year, comes new looks. 2017 offered an eclectic look at the world of makeup. First, we saw an electric eyeshadow craze, bursting with color across the runways. Then, berry-hued lipsticks became the next big thing. We watched as smoky-eyes were center stage and dramatic goth looks made a resurgence. 2018, however, is sure to offer just as much excitement.

Makeup Trends Bring Black Back

This is a big year for bold black eyeliner. While we’ve seen the understated look make a comeback lately, 2018 is about going big. From dramatic winged liner to graphic shapes and thick traces, black eyeliner is about making a statement this year. Another big eyeliner trend you’ll see? Upside-down liner. Instead of the bold upper lid, keep on the lookout for a dramatic lower liner – often in bold colors.

Dramatic eyeliner is making a comeback.

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Go for the Gold

Gold made a comeback in 2017, but it was subtle. This year, gold is about eye-catching brilliance. Rihanna can confidently say that she single-handedly revamped the gold rush on makeup with her Fenty Beauty line’s Trophy Wife highlighter, which can be used all over. A simple brush of it goes a long way, but why be stingy?

The ultra-highlighted look is big.

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The Eyes Have It

Eyeshadow isn’t solely for the eyelids anymore. A carefully-placed touch of pigment can pack a pretty punch and brighten your eyes while doing so. The technical term is “inner eye strobing.” 2018 makeup trends are calling for a departure from neutral champagne and white hues though. This year is about pops of color used strategically. Pinks and oranges seem to be the preferred color, but baby blue seems to be gaining popularity, too.

Eye makeup is evolving.

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Twiggy Lashes Are In

Remember those clumpy, oddly beautiful lashes made famous by Twiggy? Well, Dior rocked them at their 2018 spring show. Dramatic and eye-catching (pun intended), these lashes offer a sophisticated, slightly overdone look. It transitions well from day to night, so why not give it a go?

Twiggy lashes are big, bold and making a comeback.

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