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Black and white isn’t just an important trend in interior design, it’s also still a very elegant and sophisticated color palate for shoes, specifically heels as well.  Black and white themes inspire minimalism leaving the design regal and classic.

White heels with black accents are great for a light spring piece of footwear, and stripes are make in to mix things up and have a little fun!

White Heels With Black Accents

White heels are usually reserved for summer days and sundresses or dressing up for something formal and elegant.  Wearing white shoes is undoubtedly for a woman that has the confidence to keep them clean, and the accent of the color black shows a strength and confidence.

This white shoe has a sexy open toe and while is a high heel mostly the color of white, it is accented with a jagged pattern of black along the time suggesting the woman who would wear these shoes might have a little edge.


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This white shoe has a great open toe and the sling back make it a great option for a summer sundress.  The black lined edges give it a little sexiness and the red on the heel gives it an even more exciting pop.


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Everything about the heel featured below screams elegance, confidence, and sex appeal.  These white heels cleverly tied together with the color black and the toe and jewels around the ankle, make this a shoe stopper.


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Striped White And Black Heels

The trend of wearing black and white shoes or heels comes with a sense of elegance and sophistication, but even this combination of minimalistic color scheme there is room for trying something a little fun and whimsical.

This striped white and black heel would be a great inspiration for a fun summer sundress or make a simple black or white suit pop with the colors.  The shoe would be the star and give a sense of confidence about the lady wearing it.


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These black and white stripes are slinky and definitely sexy and would probably do best in a cocktail dress scenario.  This shoe may be fun, but it certainly is for a strong and sensual woman.


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